Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on transition plans in special education.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on transition plans in special education. The transition process for students with disability begins as from age 14 when a student’s is within the educational system or high school. IDEA also offers funds to transition planning programs for student only when still under the confines of an educational system (Trach, 2012). The development of transitional plans targeting children with special disabilities has led to increased number of disabled youths registering for high school and post high school programs. A transition plan is contained under the individualized education program and refers to activities that outline the strengthening of needs, skills and interest of students with special disabilities immediately after high school. Through transition planning, the needs, strengths, skills and life goals of students can be identified long in advance and nurtured. Implementing such a plan in advance enables a student with disabilities to develop personality and skills that can enable them to overcome post high school challenges (Trach, 2012). Problem statement and significance of study The development of a child with special disabilities has thus been given much prominence and the education system within the United States mandates schools within role. It appreciates the barriers, challenges and problems that students undergo especially after graduating from high school. Understanding the various process, impacts and players in the transition planning development is an important aspect for all scholars within the special education fraternity. This study thus seeks to highlight the processes of transition planning and the impacts that it has created in the development of special education and the preparation of students for postsecondary school life. It seeks to identify the key stakeholders and collaborators of the process and the different roles that each plays (Trach, 2012). The impact of their input in developing a proper transition plan for students with disability will also be evaluated in the study to help discern the importance of transition planning in the education system of students with disabilities. Most student transition planning focuses on providing skills that can enable the students with special disabilities to secure employment and gainful engagement after high school. Comprehensive transitional plan thus ensures the coordination and liaison with external organization that may be interested in employing the students well in advance before they actually graduate from high school (Michaels & Ferrara, 2005). Research questions 1. What is the impact of transition planning in the educational development of students with disability? 2. What transition area holds the key to the success of any transition-planning program? 3. What are the impacts of formal and informal assessment methods available as IDEA regulations? 4. What are the roles of collaborators and how have they contributed towards the development of an effective transition planning approach Participants in transition planning Participants in transitional planning fall in different age groups and this makes their levels of exposure and life experiences vary significantly.

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