Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on controls and indicators for a hospital’s ceo.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on controls and indicators for a hospital’s ceo. a). The regular appraisal or assessment of both the macro indicators and the micro indicators will serve as a guide to what changes are needed in the traditional practice patterns of health provision. and what factors affect such practices like organizational culture, the relationships between hospital staff and the feedbacks of the patients including their families after the in-house treatment and care procedures (Clauser et al., 2009). The two main macro indicators suggested are: 1) the quality of the medical personnel employed in the hospital. and 2) the quality of medical equipment. The micro indicators for the medical personnel employed in the hospital are as follows: 1a) performance monitoring and 1b) training and demand. For the quality of medical equipment, the micro indicators are: 2a) access to services, 2b) documentation and 2c) good working condition. The quality of medical personnel is vital to any kind of operation especially in the health and medical industry, because it provides an overall assessment of the hospital’s ability to treat diseases and give necessary care on a case-to-case basis. Performance monitoring is considered as one of its primary micro indicators since this measures how people carry-out their respective responsibilities to undertake a specified goal or outcome within a specified time frame. While the personnel may be pressured for time to achieve a desired result, it must be understood that such accomplishment is coupled with the much needed quality care in the whole process. This consists of patient safety, work efficiency and client home-care orientation (RIVM, 2002). Since performance monitoring is synonymous to the achievement of expected results, monthly monitoring is proposed for the performance of all employees within the health care facility. Said procedure will make management more aware to both problems and successes involved in various medical care issues. Essentially, the periodic assessment of personnel performance will indicate whether specified targets are actually being met or surpassed. Should shortcomings via performance are continuously evaluated in accordance to pre-set requirements, it will help minimize errors and that will help boost morale, trust and confidence among co-workers (Soto et al., 2002a). The second micro indicator for quality medical personnel is training and demand. The demand for a particular service within a health care facility like a hospital depends primarily on the training and knowledge of the people working within the hospital setting. This encompasses the ability of nurses and physicians/doctors as well as other health care professionals to develop correct attitudes and practices that are ethical and efficient in the performance of their individual professions and functions within the organizational ladder. Ultimately this particular micro indicator will likewise make assessment easier in terms of forecasting staffing shortages, job dissatisfaction and burnout, which generally compromises the quality of health care that is given (Savitz et al., n.d b). The monitoring schedule for this specific micro indicator is suggested to be every quarter or every three (3) months. The timetable given is sufficient to evaluate whether the functions of all working personnel in each department synchronize with each other and does not overlap.

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