Write a 6 pages paper on haiti as one of poorest nation in the western hemisphere.

Write a 6 pages paper on haiti as one of poorest nation in the western hemisphere. Natural disaster plays a significant role in crippling Haiti’s economy. Addressing natural disasters needs resilience and a sustainable economy that can support rebuilding (which is lacking in Haiti). The economic system in Haiti is unable to expand as a result of a lack of adequate fund. Even though the private sector under the wealthy individuals is richer than the public sector, it has been unable to address and assist the disaster-stricken regions. This makes the economy extremely weak to support the countries monetary needs.

Deforestation has severely exacerbated the effects of tropical storms and hurricanes. Frequent disaster has destroyed crops, and inadequate green belts have led to food insecurity. The main cause of environmental degradation in Haiti has been caused by the need for energy by the Haitian population (Lundahl 308). The electricity sector in Haiti provided for only 10% of the population in 2006. this resulted in chronic shortages of energy, thus forcing 90% of the remaining population to search for alternative energy sources. Consequently, in the natural environment, wood developed into and continues to be the primary energy source for the Haitian population. This amounted to over 70% of the consumption of energy in 2006 alone. This led to the constant Haiti deforestation and about 6,000 hectares loss of soil, per annum, to soil erosion. The loss of tree cover due to deforestation has had destructive impacts. For instance, the 2004 hurricane Jeanne broke through the nation island, causing the death of more than 3000 people and destruction of property of unknown value. Observers report that most people perished in massive landslides due to large amounts of falling water, sweeping away the cover and brushing through communities, leaving behind marks of crop destruction.

Effects of deforestation in Haiti contribute immensely to the main cause of climate change in the modern era. Also, extreme weather conditions risk the land, with torrential rainfall during hurricane season flowing down deforested slopes and mountains and devastating homes, roads, and fields.

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