Write a 6 pages paper on effects of stress. The term stress has become a regular term in the contemporary world. Everyone from the young to the old is ever complaining about being stressed. It is howe

Write a 6 pages paper on effects of stress. The term stress has become a regular term in the contemporary world. Everyone from the young to the old is ever complaining about being stressed. It is however important to understand that not all stress comes from negative aspects in one’s life.Stress can also be caused by positive events happening in a person’s life. There are variations that exist when it comes to dealing with stress. This paper gives an example of a stressful situation regarding a divorce and describes the psychological changes that occur in the brain in response to stress. It also discusses the emotional and cognitive effects that might occur due to a stressful situation, and whether these effects would be different if the situation was occurring in the life of someone from the opposite sex, or someone older or younger. The effects of stress on physical health are also highlighted, as well as strategies to reduce the effects of divorce stress. Keywords: Stress, Stress Response, Divorce, Emotional Effects, Cognitive Effects, behavioral strategies, Ethical Considerations A Stressful Event Currently Occurring in my Life Most of the time, we often hear people use phrases like “I feel stressed” or “am so stressed” and these phrases have become a cliche in our day to day lives. I will give an event that is currently occurring in my life that is really stressing me out to an extent that I feel like I cannot do this anymore. I tend to ask myself if I should keep holding on or if I should just despair? I have been married for ten years and have been blessed with two beautiful kids, a boy and a girl. My first years of marriage were great that I even wondered why people always complain about marriage, but little did I know what the future had in store for me. For the last four years, I and my husband, or let me say my ex-husband and I have been battling for the custody of our kids after he filed for a divorce. The reason why our marriage could not work any longer is because my husband claimed that he no longer loved me, and that he was in love with another woman who he wanted to marry. My husband was the breadwinner of the family because I had opted to stay at home, and raise our two kids. After he filed for a divorce, I had to move out of the house leaving my kids with him because I didn’t have a job to maintain them. It is very hurting and heartbreaking to leave your kids under the care of a person who you no longer trust. I have been looking for well paying jobs so that I could take my kids before the final verdict, but all I can find are jobs like working in cafeterias as a cashier where the pay is not enough for my bills and paying my lawyer. I really feel desperate because I cannot see any hope in getting custody of my kids as my husband has even gone to the extent of staining my reputation that I was working as hawker in streets, which is not true. He has an advantage over me because he has a lot of money, and I suspect that he bribed all the parties involved in our case. Right now, I feel so stressed because in the first place, I have lost the love of my life, a man whom I thought I would be there to protect me from all the nasty things in the world. The fact that I cannot see my beautiful kids whom I love so much anytime I want is even worse. Right now, it seems my body and especially my brain is affected as I tend to be absent minded, and I also experience very severe headaches. Describe the physiological changes in the brain that occur due to the stress response The ability of the body to adapt to external and internal factors that challenge the self-regulation of biological systems is very essential to the survival of human beings. Stress usually comes or is derived from many sources. it can be associated with divorce, sickness, or any event or situation which is not in normal routine with the human body.

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