Write a 5 pages paper on organization culture pictorial project: starbucks company.

Write a 5 pages paper on organization culture pictorial project: starbucks company.

At Starbucks, a strong culture has been inculcated among all the employees. This is meant to motivate and encourage all the employees at all levels of management. Subsequently, this culture is extended to the customers who get the most impressive customers. The exemplary services provided by the employees make the customers want to come back for more service as well as attracts other new customers. In turn, the company has managed to witness tremendous growth in their profits and the revenues they receive.

Several cultures are developed within the Starbucks Company. They can be depicted from the following pictures that are taken outside and inside the building.

At Starbucks, one of the most important things is the organizational culture. It starts with the leaders at the top management of the company. The president of the company describes himself as one who is fanatical about communication. This is a photo that reflects the manner in which the activities of the Starbucks Company are conducted within the premises. In particular, it reflects the kind of culture that is maintained among the employees. It is based on the American culture where a lot of efforts are made to save as much cash as possible but not at the expense of the employees. As such, the company promotes productivity by including the employees as partners in the business and making them not only have the feeling that they are employees but that they are Starbucks itself (Burrows, 2015).

This is the slogan of the Starbucks Company. It is placed just above the entrance door. It is an indication of the complete experience that the customers at Starbucks get. According to the management at the company, quality is one of the things that are highly valued and is thus found as part of the experience that customers get at Starbucks. With the quality aspect, the company is extremely fascinating in terms of the services that it is able to provide. It has become a great deal beyond the fact that it merely promotes coffee.

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