Write a 2 pages paper on competency statement 1. With is competency statement 1 essay, I know that my general duty with the job description is offering supervision as the children indulge in different

Write a 2 pages paper on competency statement 1. With is competency statement 1 essay, I know that my general duty with the job description is offering supervision as the children indulge in different activities of the day. With this in mind, it is essential for the balance of teacher to child ration to remain constant despite the nature of the environment. Despite having two instructors in charge of the classroom environment, I feel that I must guarantee that the children are under the care and strict supervision. The rooster is generally in two parts, which eases the workload and general need for supervision during the day.

One of the main hassles that get to me with the child is the point where they have to transition to another space or building. Despite making it a habit to have a head account after each passing hour, I make it a necessity to be in close contact with the child when completing the headcounts.

With this headcount technique, I feel I can be accountable for the children during the day while assuring that the children are near in comparison to cross-referencing with the roster sheet.

As part of my morning practices, I have a schedule. It is my objective to open the room, and the center will keep a close eye on the toddlers in the vicinity. As part of my style, I make certain to look at the preschool classroom with a close eye, which searching for broken, unsafe outlets, and other dangerous items near the vicinity. Another routine I keep includes making sure that the room is clean while putting everything in its place. In case of any harmful substance near the children, I ensure it is safely stored from their reach.

Another core aspect of my routine is ensuring that the healthy levels are in top condition. It is a requirement for the learners to verify they wash their hands when entering, before eating and when returning from outside the center. While getting these essential life skills at the tender age, the children become better ambassadors of preventing the spread of germs when coughing and constant hand washing.

I have a recommendation for parents when their young ones fall ill to stay at home to avoid spreading the infection to others. In case a child falls sick during the day, it is my initiative to notify the parent.

When it comes to taking naps, I check that the classroom space between the children is enough to prevent any harm from occurring. Each child should have a sleeping pad with a labeled bag that contains their bedding. At the end of each week, I confirm there is the disinfection of the mats of the children in the room. This is while sending them home with their beddings for washing.

I keep up to date records of all the emergency contacts, which falls in line with the policies at the center. I confirm that the classroom records are easily accessible to the center.

Learning Area: The academic development of the child depends on their environment with the classroom. My area should motivate the class to be open to learning new concepts and experiences. I feel that the minds of the children as sponges, which can soak in a lot of information around the room.

The classroom and center setup includes a series of educative and entertainment links to ensure the general buildup of the character of the young one. The procedure consists of the use of small group instruction. The margin in the class allows for the exploration of art by young learners. Through this way, the children learn how to explore on their own, unlike following laid instructions.

Through the classroom group activities, I feel it breeds a spirit of working together as the children cooperate while learning. I prefer a classroom place where the children take part in the actual grasping by asking questions or performing small tasks. This can include a science or cooking lesson which triggers the attention span of the children.

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