Write 7 pages thesis on the topic film critique on: pirates of the caribbean part 1.

Write 7 pages thesis on the topic film critique on: pirates of the caribbean part 1. This movie brought back the likeness and demand for pirate genre movies in Hollywood after several decades. This paper will discuss in detail the various aspects of the movie and explain how and why this movie turned out to be a successful block buster. The movie, “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” was an intriguing film that revived and created a new image of the pirate genre movies for the moviegoers. There was a period in Hollywood when pirate movies were very much liked by the viewers and did great businesses. Classic pirate genre films like Errol Flynn and Captain Blood were very famous and attracted huge audiences. However, it is important to note that these movies needed large budgets because making ships and then sinking them was an expensive plan. Therefore, when the interest of the viewers declined, this genre was not able to sustain in the film industry as there was no reason for making the pirate movies. Several attempts were made in the last few years to bring back the pirate genre movies in the market but none was able to achieve the target. Cutthroat Island, a movie that was made in the year 1995 on same genre suffered huge losses and did not receive a warm welcome from the audience (Genius World Records, 2005).The factors that led to the decline of the pirate genre movies were in the minds of the Disney executives when they were preparing the interesting film Pirates of the Caribbean and amazingly they were not scared of the consequences. These confident executives were not only making a film on a collapsed and dead genre but they also took the risk of making the studio’s first PG-13 movie. Fortunately, their hard work and planning worked and The Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl changed the image of the pirate genre movies. Indeed, it developed a new and positive image in the mind of the viewers about the pirate movies. In order to erase the negative image of the genre, it was decided to base Pirates of the Caribbean on one of the Disney theme park ride that did not have any popular identifiable characters (Wayne, 2010). “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” brought a change in the viewer’s perception and also made pirates interesting and stylish in the eyes of the audience. The movie director Gore Verbinski, has given a mischievous and playful approach to the pirate genre, which was in those days not an attractive genre for making movies. He has mixed humor and fun with the serious topic making it interesting and something unique in the film industry. He has focused to create great effects not only through the ships but through the impressive acting of the stars that carry the audience throughout the film and maintain their interest in every scene of the movie. The main character of this 134 minutes long movie is Johnny Depp, who played the role of Jack Sparrow. Other characters include. Geoffrey Rush who acted as Captain Barbossa, Orlando Bloom as Will Turner and the heroine Elizabeth Swann whose role was performed by Keira Knightley. The movie was directed by Gore Verbinski, produced by Bruckheimer and screen play was done by Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio (Ebert, 2006).

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