Write 6 pages with APA style on The empty American promise in The Great Gatsby.

Write 6 pages with APA style on The empty American promise in The Great Gatsby. This is the method to achieve prosperity for all in societal terms. The concept of branding and the American Dream: The practice of hot-branding to identify the animals is in vogue since long. When this word is used in business related issues, branding means to establish a distinctive identity. The American fascination for branding can be visualized from the fact that the country owns 7 of the 10 most valuable brands in the world. Branding is twice-blessed. It blesses the consumers as for the quality of the product and cashing upon this trust the producers are in a position to charge a premium over and above the value, taking into consideration the benefits provided by the product in question. The consumers find it tough to make the final decision amongst the multitude of choices available to them all over the world. They think that it is safe to revert to the established brands about which they are acquainted with. Brand provides an authentic and lasting platform from which expansion of business is fairly easy. The theme of the novel, “The Great Gatsby,” by F. Scott Fitzgerald highlights the death of the American Dream. In the character of Nick Carraway, the young moralist man, the author details the lifestyles of people in high class. Narrator’s dealings and interactions with the society are a pointer how those modern values transform people’s well-intentioned, pure ambitious goals in to one that in pursuit of aggrandizement for wealth with no holds barred approach. In support of this position, the author mentions about the original American Dream and the current trends and argues how that glorious dream stands vanished from the map of America. The important credits of the American Dream as presented in the novel go to the qualities of hope and perseverance and to aspire for success facing all difficult challenges. To be ambitious and work hard with an unquenchable thirst about adventurous life! Jay Gatsby is supposed to pursue all these qualities and he is the main character in the novel representing the American Dream. He is fired by the everlasting hope and craves to win Daisy’s love in tandem with the spirit of the American Dream. A pre-decided goal and the relentless pursuit of that goal! His introduction in the novel is dramatic and F. Scott Fitzgerald describes it thus:”…[with] his hands in his pockets… out to determine what share was his of our local heavens ….he [Gatsby] stretched out his arms toward the dark water in a curious way,… he was trembling. Involuntarily I glanced seaward-and distinguished nothing except a single green light, minute and far away, that might have been the end of a dock” (21) The restless spirit of Gatsby is evident in this description and the green light as his brand of life. He has intense desire to possess Daisy coupled with craze for money and he is not satisfied about his present possessions and craves to achieve and accumulate more. Nick describes it and argues that the green light is the brand for success that he is anticipating for the future, by further accelerating the efforts. Undoubtedly Gatsby’s goal provides him with a direction in life, but in his aggression to move forward he has no time to pause, review or look backwards. He chases his dream of securing eternal company with Daisy and subsequently he waits patiently for a long time near her house but she has abandoned him.

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