Write 5 pages thesis on the topic depicting god through the two literatures presented.

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic depicting god through the two literatures presented.

The drastic change presents a perception of God that is not consistent, but rather incidental, depending on the point of life of humans. The sustained harmony for seeking God that is depicted in Holly sonnet 14 is drastically eroded in Holly sonnet 10. The drastic changes depicted by the two sonnets regarding how humans love and quest for God is constantly shifting to courageous and confident hope for a happier life, is an indication of the transitional nature of human emotions, who find it necessary to have a cordial relation with God at some point, and then after they are certain they have conquered sin, the emotional change triggers a change of their heart, which are no longer broken or remorseful but rather confident and bold (Stirling, 244).

The major difference between Holly sonnet 10 and Holly sonnet 14 is that. one is a depiction of God as the God who grants boldness and confidence, while the other depicts God as powerful and merciful, who is able to change people and make them new, and who takes away their sins and cleanses them.

In Holly sonnet 14, Donne presents human quest as that of a contrite heart that constantly seeks God, a heart that seeks to get united to God, that at the end, humans may enjoy the happiness of eternal life that God has promised to those who seek him with broken heart.

Humans wants God to completely smash their heart for himself, through instilling in their hearts a constant desire to love God, through strong lamentations that God may “Batter…heart, three-persond God . for you” (Donne, 6). Therefore, Holly sonnet 14’s quest is for a reunion with God, which is then contrasted by Holly Sonnet 10, which is a boastful proclamation of the boldness and lack of fear to face death, a contrary presentation of human quest from Holy sonnet 14.

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