Write 2 pages with APA style on Working Station and Monotonous Duties. Working Station and Monotonous DutiesI feel highly disappointed and disillusioned in my current working station and monotonous d

Write 2 pages with APA style on Working Station and Monotonous Duties. Working Station and Monotonous Duties

I feel highly disappointed and disillusioned in my current working station and monotonous duties. This has specifically hit at me after realizing that the administration of this firm is insensitive and inconsiderate in monitoring the employee performance and skewed staff appraisal criteria. My point is that it is fairly discouraging to put all the efforts, skills, and commitments to a firm only to be by-passed by some actions of the management without good course. It sounds unethical and in-subordinating for somebody to be promoted at the expense of my exemplary performing and a deserving effort which has put the company where it is today. I Have always struggled to juggle more than two roles often on acting capacity and therefore feel that by so doing, I had already acquired pre-requisite skills and managerial know how to take such an office.

I would like to offer free counsel to the management that I may take no action about this but some other employee who may be a victim in future may not take it kindly. Such commissions and omissions are detrimental to development and employee appraisal.


The Human Resource Manager

I hereby tender my heartfelt disappointment to the administration of the firm due to its open show of unfairness concerning employee promotion. I believe in this firm since it is a symbol of excellence and first class management which has arisen from the competitive staff who are recruited on observable merit. However, the latest promotion was totally skewed and looked so pre-determined that qualification and work experience was completely ignored. Due to my frequent role as an acting officer in many positions, I had all it takes to take the promotion. However, since this is the decision of the management I would only tell the concerned authority to look into this.

Invitation of a resource person to the company


Mr.Dibaba Aneke-Solo Singer

Hello sir, This Company has organized an internal public relations in-service training and I would like to invite you on behalf of the firm’s administration to grace the event as the chief guest. The function will be held at the company’s central Arena on 15th November 2012 as from 10.00 a.m. You have been noted as an exemplary counselor in issues to do with interpersonal skills from family level to national apex through your talks and musical back up. It is, therefore, our pleasure to take this golden opportunity to expose our staff to this important factor especially where teamwork is the key to performance as is the case with our organization. Your unconditional consideration of our invitation is invaluable and that means that no amount of compensation is commensurate to your attendance. We would like to request you to carry copies of your latest albums which have gained international recognition on the inter-personal relations as this would be sold to members to facilitate understanding and concept of diffusion.

I would also like to acknowledge your great contribution to the various companies through your resounding social messages in songs. This is an exceptional talent that is missing in many musicians and that explains your preference by many other organizations. Even your brief speech will mean a lot to the company and the individual staff members who will equally gain in regard to their family maintenance concepts. We would be very grateful should our invitation be taken into consideration.

Thank you.


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