Write 2 pages thesis on the topic romeo and juliet by william shakespeare. fate and destiny.

Write 2 pages thesis on the topic romeo and juliet by william shakespeare. fate and destiny. Shakespeare’s prologue also depicts how the relationship between the two lovers ends abruptly. Initially, Romeo and Juliet attend a party where their faces are disguised. Primarily, the love story ends when Romeo and Juliet die suddenly. Interestingly, the fate of how their lives end finally stops their past family disagreements, which occurred because their relationship wasn’t supported by either side.

Generally, the William book brings out one primary question, “Are people’s endings prearranged before birth? In essence, the story brings out various instances of bad decisions and several coincidental events. Similarly, the piece unfolds some prearranged events controlled by fate. In the Romeo and Juliet play, fate presents itself as a primary love occasion. Well, a greater part of the content of the story is highly factored by the decisions of human beings to carry out their lives and the paths they follow. The main persona, Romeo and Juliet, respond differently according to their decisiveness. As such, they present a catastrophic atmosphere in the novel. In short, they suggest that life has everything to do with fate, rather than how one decides to live it. Other instances of fate in the play also suggest that human beings are just pawns who cannot escape invisible fates.

Moreover, William’s prologue goes on to argue that fate is the primary aspect that spheres individuals to take different paths. Subsequently, he puts it that humans who make contrary resolutions that subvert their destiny are wrecked to play up. In short, prearranged destinies of human beings are acceptable. More to it, below are various instances that depict the toll of destiny in the prologue, “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare. Fate and Destiny:

Romeo and Juliet are Cursed Lovers

In the prologue, Shakespeare clearly defines Romeo and Juliet as subjects of fate. Undoubtedly, the first instance of fate is depicted when the personas are brought out as jinxed lovers. Simply put, the two lives were ill-fated the moment they were born. Similarly, their predestination would be affected by destruction, regardless of their intentions to do good.

Fate as Romeo and Juliet Start Their Journey of Love

The instance of Romeo and Juliet meeting and falling in love is another depiction of fate. When Romeo and his cousin, stroll in the party premises, an uneducated worker asks Romeo to read the names of invited guests. The seemingly meaningless utterances which the servant uses set off a spiraling journey of his fate. Unaware of what’s coming, he reads it, then attends the party. In time, fate intervenes, and Romeo commits suicide before Juliet wakes up. Correspondingly, the situation pushes her to end her life as well.

Romeo’s Dreams of His Fate

Going back to the event before Romeo getting news of his lover’s death, a dream depicts a definite factor of death. In essence, Romeo recalls dreaming that she found him lying dead. Well, perhaps the dream was purposed to earn him.

The Demise of Romeo and Juliet

Fate interrupts how people live. It’s inconsequential whether they accept the fact or try to alter it. Some people have a strong belief in the power of destiny, while others conjure up ridiculous feelings about it and similar events. Correspondingly, others hardly give a damn whether it’s true or not. Nevertheless, Shakespeare’s prologue depicts that most troubles that Romeo and Juliet encountered weren’t coincidental. Fate’s powerful impact is depicted when their romantic love life comes ends in their fatal deaths.

Primarily, William’s piece reveals that regardless of the way circumstances that present themselves in individuals’ everyday lives, sometimes situations are way beyond strict coincidences. The author puts it that even though people seek promising solutions to escape difficult situations, the ultimate solutions are in-depth. Interestingly, one agrees that most events in the lives of Romeo and Juliet did not result from conscience decisions or goodwill. In short, fate impacts people’s lives significantly.



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