Tom Robinson, the Sense of guilt Free Person

" The fact that was the evidence of her offense? Tom Brown, a human being. The lady must put Tom Robinson away from her. Tom Robinson was her daily reminder of what she performed. What do she perform? She lured a Desventurado. ” (Lee 203) Into Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Shelter, Tom Robinson, an blameless and good black man was offender a raping a white-colored girl known as Mayella Ewell. Atticus Finch is Tom Robinson's legal professional, and this individual has it almost all under control and is able to prove his point that Tom Robinson can be not guilty. Ben Robinson is not guilty for the reason that jury can be inconsistant, you cannot find any evidence of rasurado, and an important thing is that Tom Johnson can not use his left hand, which is one of the crucial things to this kind of trial. Although everybody considers that Tom Robinson is definitely guilty pertaining to the afeitado, he is not really. Atticus Finch fully clarifies and shows that there is no method Tom can be guilty. Persons automatically think that Tom Brown is responsible because he is definitely black, yet that is not fair at all. 1 reason that Tom Robinson is faithful is because the jury is usually inconsistant. Mayella and her father Frank Ewell are saying different things from the other person. For example , Greg says " Her attention was blacked and the lady was enormous beat up. ” (Lee 176) But then Mayella says " No, I don't recollect if he hit myself. ” (Lee 185) Therefore they the two don't know what really took place. When Bob Ewell goes up to state, he functions like this individual already is aware what he is saying. Therefore he made it seem like he planned out a lie to tell. Another reason that Tom Robinson is innocent is because there is no evidence. In the event that Bob were to walk in and completely discover what was going on, and observed how beat up she was, then he should be thus concerned about making sure she was okay by going to the doctors. Bob Ewell says that he under no circumstances thought of this, he had never called a doctor to any of his in the life, of course, if he had it would have cost him five dollars. (Lee 175) Greg acts so concerned with what happened but this individual doesn't treatment enough to shell out...


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