What is a misfortune? A tragedy, defined simply by Webster's book, is a serious drama that typically describes a turmoil between the leading part and an excellent force (as destiny) and having a sorrowful or devastating conclusion that elicits pity or horror. In items fall apart the tragic main character, Okonkwo, contains a major personality flaw or hamartia and suffers a downfall to a peripeteia, which usually eventually leads to his death. His death was certainly a tragedy but it could have been averted, the Europeans would be the main reason to get Okonkwo's drop. At first anything seemed to be great. Umuofia had its own culture and its very own beliefs. Okonkwo was the most powerful man and the best wrestler in all with the lands. Okonkwo was manly, industrious, highly regarded, and wealthy. All of a sudden the white missionaries began to arrive in Umuofia and so they started to modify everything and tried to tell the natives that their ways of lifestyle were wrong and they necessary to change. " The white colored man is extremely clever. He came silently and peaceably with his religion. We were busy at his foolishness and allowed him to stay. Right now he features won our brothers, and our family can no longer act like one. This individual has place a cutting knife on the items that placed us collectively and we include fallen a part. ” (? ) While all of that was happening Okonkwo began his downfall and so did the others of Umuofia, it begun to segregate involving the old tradition and the innovative ways of the missionaries. As a tragic hero Okonkwo fits the mold for one almost for the tee, having been noble, with outstanding features and greatness. He failed to want to end up as his father did before him. Okonkwo used every muscles in his human body to be the opposite of his father who was lazy, poor, and a disgrace. Probably down in the heart Okonkwo was not a cruel man. But his whole life was dominated simply by fear, the worry of failure and of weakness (13). That is what resulted in his downfall; it is known as his tragic flaw, his obsession with not turning out to be his father. As I already stated in my personal...


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