IETI College of Science and Technology

San Pedro Laguna

S i9000. Y 2012 – 2013

Brgy. Bagong Silang Census

In Part Fulfilment from the requirements pertaining to the Statistics lesson in Mathematics IV

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Innovator: Abainza, Angela Fae A.

Members: Capisnon Shawn Timothy V.

Garcia, Aldrin Carlo B.

Ladio, Mark Eugene D.

Martizez, Mark Christian P.

Morales, Erick Lloyd C.

Oredina, John Paolo

Pajarillo, Trisha Gail S.

Roque, Karizze Aila M.




Title Pagei



a. Background from the study2

b. Objectives2

c. Statements with the problem3

deb. Significance with the study3

e. Scope and Delimitation3

farrenheit. Definition of Terms4


a. Respondents5

b. Data Gathering Procedure5

c. Research Instrument5

CHAPTER several: 6

Business presentation of Data6

Analysis and Enterpretation7-18


Bottom line and Recommendation19


The students' wish to extend their very own appreciation and gratitude for the following folks who offered some of their important contribution toward the achievement and success of this research.

To our father and mother and family who gave us permission and ethical support through the entire completion of our project.

To the Math teacher, Sir Jordan Tiozon, who gave all of us valuable remarks, techniques & suggestions on how to defend and explain the project.

To the student educator, Ms. Martha Rose Barreda who taught us the knowledge regarding to statistics.

To all or any of you, Thank you so much and God Bless!



Statistics has become defined differently by different authors every now and then. One can find much more than hundred definitions in the literary works of statistics. The word 'Statistics' seems to have recently been derived from the Latin phrase 'status' or perhaps Italian word 'statista' and also the German word 'Statistik' every single of which means a political state. � Fields like agriculture, economics, sociology, organization management and so forth, are now employing Statistical Techniques for different uses. Statistics is definitely an old discipline, as outdated as the human activity. � Its energy has been elevating as time goes by. � In the olden days it was used in the administrative departments of the states and the scope was limited. � Previous it was used by governments to hold record of birth, fatality, population etc ., for management purpose.  John Graunt was your first person to make a systematic study of birth and death stats and the calculations of requirement of existence at distinct age inside the 17th century which generated the idea of Life insurance coverage. �

Listed here are some significant definition of stats.

Figures is the subset of science which deals with the gathering, classification and tabulation of numerical facts as the basis for details, description and comparison of trend - Lovitt The science which usually deals with the collection, analysis and interpretation of numerical data - Corxton & Cowden

Statistics takes on an important position in our day to day life, it is useful in almost all sciences – cultural as well as physical – such as biology, psychology, education, economics, business managing, agricultural savoir etc .


A. Backdrop of the research

Bagong Silang is a barangay of the Filipino municipality San Pedro in the province of Laguna in Calabarzon which is part of the Luzon group of destinations. The municipality of San Pedro which has a population of around 281, 808 and its twenty barangays belongs to the urban area in the Israel. Bagong Silang is one of the barangays which are in the outlying part of Municipality San Pedro.

B. Objectives

This examine aims to:

~To comply with the school requirements of getting...


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