Theodore Roosevelt

by Eric

Theodore Roosevelt the 26th president of the United States, was born at 33 East 20th Avenue in New york city on Oct 27, 1858. His dad was a person of a few wealth and importance in civic affairs. A prosperous family like the Roosevelts had a greater than most people in this era. By eight years old he was sickly and delicate then his desire for natural-history started out at this childhood. Through sports and outdoor living, he became rugged and a love of the strenuous life that he never shed. T Through private tutoring and travel he became a very wise boy.

In 1876 Theodore entered Harvard college or university. At Harvard every ha to outfit, walk, and still have good ways, but Thoedore did carry out these things. College students thought him odd. Old age at Harvard were a lot better than the earlier years. He was a part to: Porcelain Club, Commence of 1770, Hasty Pudding Club, First Delta Phi, O. K. Club, Organic History Culture, The Harvard Advocate (editor), Glee Team, and in the Class Committee. Following he graduating from Harvard in 1880, this individual married Alice Hathaway Shelter of Boston. In the same year this individual entered Columbia University Legislation School. Nevertheless historical composing and politics lured him away from the best career.

His longing for community acknowledge as well as the corrupt express of New You are able to led him to join a local Republican Reform Club. In 1881 having been elected to New York assembly where he attempted to stop the corruption in both get together machines. In 1884 the death of his partner and a defeat in his political career made him retreat for the Dakota Place. In 1886 he went back to New York. He went for mayor when he came back. He was third. For the next three years he slept out of public affairs, and attending to his personal affairs. In all those three years he married Edith Kermit Carow and constructed a house near Oyster Bay, Li. He had been appointed to the U. T. Civil Assistance by Leader Harrison. His defeats in his political...


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