My spouse and i. The Healthy diet of North America

• All of the planet's dry land was one enormous continent and ultimately broke away into several • North America was created together with the Canadian Shield being the first portion to form • Regarding 2 mil years ago, the majority of the land was covered in ice during the Ice Age • 10, 000 yrs ago melting of Ice – lakes

II. Peopling the Americas

• Ice cubes Age induced sea level to drop building a land link that connected North America with Eurasia delivering Asian seekers to America • Land bridge have water after ice age – no more immigration for a time • Temperatures that ended ice age opened up valleys to Native American people • Incas, Mayans, and Aztecs had been a few of the various Native American tribes around • Aztecs

o Maize

o Urban centers

o Superstars

o Human Sacrifice

3. The Earliest People in the usa

• Hammer toe farming propagate all over America from Mexico

• Simply no " societies”

• After hammer toe planting come to Cahokia, a huge group of about 25, 1000 lived there – 1st millennium C. E. • Three- sister farming was the cultivation of maize, lead pages, and coffee beans – Creek, Choctaw, and Cherokee tribes • Ladies took care of seeds; Men sought after and fished

IV. Roundabout Discoverers from the New World

• Marco Punta traveled to Cina

• Christian crusaders, in failing to consider the Ay Land through the Muslims, needed goods coming from Asia • Muslim middlemen charged much for good transportation

V. Europeans Enter Africa

• Pressure to increase Europe

• Together with the caravel, touring methods had been improved • Arabs, Africans, and Costa da prata – Plantation system – slave control in Africa • Bartholomeu Dias gone halfway down the coast of Africa yet Vasco para Gama come to India – spices and jewels • Spaniards planned to beat competitor Portuguese in discovering the riches with the Indies (India)

VI. Columbus Comes After a New World

• Traveling west,...