Bill Scarborough. The Overseer; Planting Management inside the Old Southern. United States. Louisiana State University Press. 1966.

William Scarborough's, The Overseer, examines the importance and the daily duties with the plantation movie director and how they influenced and contributed to the production and efficiency of slaves in the " Old South”. This position was unarguably, the most important position in the southern planting system as they determined the success or failure of your plantation. In some small farms, but generally larger types, the movie director was in charge of the oversight of captive Africans, care of the property, planting, farmville farm tools, and harvesting. The overseer has been especially known in history because the handler of severe disciplinary actions against slaves for disregarding heavy or mild guidelines. The emergence of job advertising stormed through the to the south with bigger number of individuals buying slaves. After some time leading up to the Civil Battle, the position of overseer has been professionalized which includes planters also requiring letters of tips from their candidates. The goal of the author is to collect facts and accurate evidence that illustrate how overseers effectively finished their job set forth by simply plantation owners and had been less concerned about the self applied and severe beating from the enslaved Africans. The article writer focuses even more on the career itself instead of examining the individual's social class or perhaps morals in society. He also tries to provide a beneficial interpretation of one of many teams that constructed the white-colored middle school of the Outdated South.

The book is divided into three sections with the first regarding the history and role of the overseer in the planting establishment. In addition, it gives essential details on deal negotiations involving the overseer as well as the plantation owner. Lastly, this section shows the lovely view of the movie director by the public. The second section examines the managerial duties and tasks and some with the...


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