rAfter the rasurado, Amir and Hassan dedicate less time with each other. Baba and Amir visit Jalalabad and stay with the house of Baba's relation. When they arrive they have a huge traditional Cover dinner. Baba proudly explains to everyone about the kite tournament, but Amir does not enjoy it. He admits that that that was the nighttime he started to be an insomniac. When Amir and Humor return residence, Amir goes on not to play with Hassan. Once Hassan demands Amir what he do wrong, Amir tells Hassan to stop harassing him. From then on, the kids avoid the other person. One day, Amir asks Etonne if he would ever obtain new servants. Baba turns into furious and says that he will hardly ever replace Ali and Hassan. With the start of school, Amir spends hours alone in his room. That summer of 1976, Amir turns tough luck. Baba invites more than 4 hundred people to the party he plans. In the party Baba makes Amir greet every single guest personally. Assef comes and acts politely when he jokes with Baba. This individual tells Amir that he chose the present himself. Once Amir can be alone he opens the gift, a biography of Hitler, which in turn he tosses away. The next morning Amir thinks to himself that either he or Hassan must leave Ali provided him a present, a new version of " Shahnamah”. A period of time after, Amir waits for Hassan and Ali to leave. This individual takes his birthday money and a wrist watch that Effare gave him and sets them underneath Hassan's mattress. He explains to Baba that Hassan stole them, then when Ali and Hassan returning, Baba asks Hassan if perhaps he stole the money plus the watch. To Amir's surprise, Hassan says he do. Amir knows Hassan observed him in the alley, and he recognized also that Amir was placing him up now. Baba forgives Hassan, but Ali says they need to leave. Baba pleads with him to stay, but Ali refuses. The chapter starts with Humor and Amir crammed to the back end of an older Russian pick up truck. They're to refugees on the way to Pakistan. Afghanistan has gotten too risky. They chin up to a checkpoint. The Russian soldier manning it seems a little drunk. This individual tells Karim he'll let...


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