Throughout the book, The lady Warrior, by simply Maxine Hong Kingston, the generation distance between the narrator and Fearless Orchid is evident. The narrator seems that her mother's traditions values have no relevance in the united states. In the part, At the Western Palace, Daring Orchid delivers for her sibling, Moon Orchid, to come to America and desires Moon Orchid to are up against her sister's husband. The ideas that Brave Orchid has happen to be bold and so they conflict with Moon Orchid's nature. Fearless Orchid and Moon Orchid are two Chinese ladies who live in two different countries. They are segregated by a cultural gap rather than generation distance. This gap between Fearless Orchid and Moon Orchid has created two inimical opinions on the value of physical appearance, necessity vs extravagance, and modesty in manner.

Physical appearance is very important in America's society whereas women in Asia only dress-up on events. Most of the time, Asia's women are cooking, washing, and sewing, which is manual work. In America, when ladies go out in public places, they try to look look good, pleasing to the human eye. After Moon Orchid arrives, one of the first things that Brave Orchid does is usually point out that Moon Orchid is body fat and looks incredibly old. " You're a vintage woman... hair is white-colored and your deal with wrinkled... you aren't so excess fat. ” In Asia, excess fat people are thought to be rich. Staying fat can be described as sign to be rich because only rich people can afford to have so much that it would make these people fat. In the usa, obesity can often be times some thing to be embarrassed with. Americans apparently desire bodily a model. Brave Orchid as well screams for her very own children of their appearance but Moon Orchid always guards them. Courageous Orchid is incredibly concerned with looks and how people view her and her family. When Moon Orchid's daughter remarks that her children may speak the two Chinese and English, Daring Orchid instantly points out that...


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