The Effects of Colonization on Modern day African Civilizations

In November1884 - 1885, Europe met for The Berlin Conference in which Africa was

sub-divided giving each current Western powers a part to govern. This family games for The african continent was the degradation of most African foreseeable future political electrical power and present government. The use of Africa land, solutions and people to build European capabilities was awe-inspiring and came with extensive outcomes. The new Western map sub-divided Africa injudiciously taking no consideration of current languages, traditions or cultures.. The brand new map helped bring together distinct ethnic groups most of which didn't go along leading to endemic tension.

At the time of the Bremen Conference Italy, Germany, The uk, and Italy were at the height of their power with primary control of Africa. The current day countries of The african continent are based on the politico - geographical map drawn up simply by European power. The Bremen Conference showed a lack of restraint, morality and comprehension of Africa as being a continent. The African people tried to withstand the changes with wars that they could not earn. The Munich Conference is better off entitled the re-enslavement of the Africa people. Western powers used every inch of Area they got their hands on taking natural resources and killing anyone that got in their way. In the scrabble to get Africa, The united kingdom claimed Egypt, Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, and Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Botswana. The British controlled Nigeria and Ghana as well. France claimed Mauritania, Chad, Gabon as well as the Republic of Congo.

Record continues yet among them Athens and King Leopold 2 claimed Democratic Republic of Congo. This kind of acquisition was exploitation of Africa at it's best King Leopold II captive the Congolese people and used them to mine their very own natural solutions of plastic. This captivity and succeeding abuse generated the loss of life of over 10 mil Congolese persons. The remarkable part...


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