" The Birthmark”

The short story " The Birthmark”, by Nathaniel Hawthorne, tells the story of your scientist, his wife, and a unique birthmark that flaws the near perfect encounter of his wife. Through this tale Hawthorne is trying to get a message across for the audience; sometimes, man is too eager to repair natural imperfections that may can be found using science, rather than viewing these flaws as amazing natural events, which will ultimately lead to the destruction of nature. To get this point across to his readers, Hawthorne uses a lot of symbolism. In the story, each main figure and the birthmark represents a different thing. Aylmer, the scientist and husband, represents mankind. Georgiana, the better half with the birthmark upon her cheek, signifies nature. Finally, the birthmark, a red hand molded mark upon her cheek, represents the flaws in nature.

Initially, Aylmer, the scientist and husband of Georgiana, symbolizes mankind. Aylmer sees Georgiana as a excellent beautiful girl, but one day he allow the birthmark's existence effect the beauty of his almost flawless better half. As the many years movement go by, mans urge to modify nature making use of the new technology or perhaps knowledge they have gained has increased greatly. Aylmer, a symbol to get mankind, is too eager to get rid of the crimson birthmark upon Georgiana's quarter because he has got the knowledge and science required to do it and he has the chance to put it to use. " Georgiana, you have led me much deeper than ever in the heart of science. I believe myself fully competent to render this kind of dear quarter as faultless as its other; and then, the majority of beloved, what will be my personal triumph once i shall possess corrected what Nature kept imperfect in her fairest work! ” (Hawthorne 61) Aylmer can be confident that with his scientific ability he will probably be able to resolve the imperfection of character upon Georgiana's cheek. If mankind continually fix in nature what is flawed, then simply there will be nothing left that is natural and nature will have been destroyed.



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