To analyze the potential of retail center with special reference to Rewa city:

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1 . Explanation

2 . Goal

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Chapter strategy

Rationale of study

A shopping mall is one or more structures forming a fancy of outlets representing merchandisers, with interconnecting walkways allowing visitors to conveniently walk coming from unit to unit, in addition to a parking place - a modern, indoor version of the classic marketplace. Shopping malls have many retailers altogether and it is very easy to search around within a mall since there are many retailers under one particular roof so many stores have different variety of products u will need. Shopping centers ordinarily have multiple entrances from parking areas, the street, mass transportation, and core stores. The last usually have multiple entry points too. Some department stores have delivery entrances in the back of stores.

In other words shopping mall, shopping hub, shopping game, shopping area or simply shopping center is a number of buildings building a complex of shops symbolizing merchandisers, with interconnecting pathways enabling surfers to easily walk from unit to product, along with a car parking area — a modern, indoor version from the traditional market place.

Shopping centers or shopping malls represent a collection of various stores and depending on the size of center, they could also include foodstuff court & entertainment features.

Shopping malls have become a significant part of the financial and cultural fabric from the cities. In India there are many shopping malls which number can be expected to increase due to the fascination of consumers and investors in shopping malls. This could lead to more than saturation initiating high level of competition. As a result deeper comprehension of consumer targets, experiences and perceptions relating to mall picture has become considerably more essential.

Shopping malls will be one of the quickest growing sector in Of india economy. Mainly because it provides many products under a single roof, saves money in transportation, buyers can use card money etc . And now instead of shopping, department stores have many activities like entertainment. And for family members, visiting the nearby mall was a celebration. You could store at a large number of stores, catch a movie and eat mounds of take out, play games and more so u see it is not only fun its every thing u receive under a single roof.

In order to study the underline rational of various typologies of shopping malls 1 need to understand first the drivers of location demand for retail space.

Since shopping malls have become the most common of shopping environment and have affected the makeup of metropolitan areas around the world. So that as the city Rewa is producing with very fast pace as with recent earlier years the parks, roads etc . were improved therefore we need the shopping malls as the buying spot for people and as the citizenry is increasing day by day we need to develop the places intended for shopping in addition to this field we are backward as departmental stores are not below.

So to be able to build the shopping malls in this article, we need to 1st analyze and study the potential for shopping centers in Rewa metropolis.


Goal is essential intended for research study. With no object, investigator cannot reach to destination. So it's very essential for research study. There are many types of aim for examine: 1 . To be aware of the consumer choice towards department stores....

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