Title: TENSION REDUCTION AND RELAXATION TECHNIQUESNames: Azhari bin Mohd Suntan Mohd Abdul Jabbar rubbish bin Mohd ZinMatrix number: 2012877048 2012649568

My spouse and i Introduction

There are many ways to decrease stress and gain rest such as discharge tension physically and emotionally, visualization yoga for to reduce anxiety and maintain a normal eating diet plan.

II Physique

A single way to overcome this challenge is by publishing tension bodily and psychologically 1 Exercise can be useful in reducing tension(Makin & Lindley, 1991) a Physiologically, it can help to use up the adrenalin developed by the tension situation (Makin & Lindley, 1991) m Physical activity is important to keep our mental in good condition to cope with stress. i Bad condition of mental may lead to serious anxiety ii Walking, horticulture, climbing the steps, and etc. a couple of Journaling is a good idea to reduce anxiety emotionally c It allows people to clarify their feeling, anger and thoughts g Writing is a sort of therapy (Greene, p. 66)

B Another way through applying creation meditation to get stress relief a few Imagining a scene in which you feel in peace (Robinson, 2013) elizabeth Try to imagine a happy minute whenever you think tension and anxiety farreneheit Find a silent and rest place to apply visualization 3 Waterfall, seashore, lake, yard

4 Applying meditation to enhance concentration

g Practice yoga exercises to reduce major depression

iv Work best in case you incorporate as many sensory particulars as possible- at least 3 detects v Can easily calming ourself and enhance concentration. h Go for a remedy

vi Benefit from the relaxation moment-massage

vii After a therapy, you are feeling free to...


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