NUS Business College

Department of promoting

MKT1003X Marketing

Semester We, 2013/14

Program Coordinator: Assoc Prof. LAU Geok Theng

Business office: Mochtar Riady Building, Biz1-08-10

Tel: 6516-3179

Email: [email protected] edu. sg

Training course Tutors: Lee Shiang Jium ([email protected] edu. sg)

Yong Yoon Mei ([email protected] edu. sg)

Jaquilin Danker ([email protected] edu. sg)

Ritu Narayan

Program Objectives

This can be an preliminary course in marketing. This seeks to acquaint participants with an understanding of the concepts, concepts, theories and techniques in marketing.

It also tries to provide members with in order to make basic applications of these marketing rules, concepts, ideas and tactics through exercises, case research and projects.

Main Text

Roger A Kerin, Geok Theng Lau, Steven W Hartley and William Rudelius, Marketing in Asia, Second Edition, McGraw-Hill, 2012. Schedule


(Lecture Dates)


Reading Assignments

Tutorial Projects


12 Aug

Introduction to the Study course.

Introduction to Advertising

Chapter you



19 Aug

Marketing Preparing Process

Chapters 2, twenty-two


three or more

26 August

Environmental Evaluation

Competitor Examination

Chapter a few

Tutorial 1

(Week three or more or 4)


a couple of Sept

Customer Buying Behaviour

Chapters your five


being unfaithful Sept

Organization Buying Actions

Marketing Study

Chapters 6th, 8

Article 2

(Week 5 or perhaps 6)

Specific Assignment 1


sixteen Sept

Marketing Research (cont'd)

Segmentation, Concentrating on and Setting

Chapters 8, 9



35 Sept

Product and Assistance Strategy and Decisions

Chapters 10, 14

Tutorial 3

(Week 7 or 8)

Individual Job Two

Group Presentation 1


7 Oct

Merchandise and Service Strategy and Decisions (cont'd)

Chapters 11, 12

on the lookout for

14 March

Pricing Approach and Decisions

Chapters 13, 14

Tutorial 4

(Week 9 or 10)

Individual Projects Three & Four

Group Presentations Two & 3


21 years old Oct

Placing Strategy and Decisions

Chapters 15, 16, 21


twenty eight Oct

Marketing Communications Strategy and Decisions

Chapters 17, 18, 19

Training 5

(Week 11 or 12)

Individual Assignment Five

Group Sales pitches Four & Five

Group Assignment Report Due


4 November

Marketing Communications Strategy and Decisions (cont'd)

Personal Selling and Sales Supervision

Chapters 18, 19, 20


11 Nov

Execution and Control

Ethics in Marketing

Chapters 22, 4

Tutorial Six

Exam Revising

(Week 13 or perhaps 14)


Reading Week – Zero lectures

Study course Assessment

1 . Tutorial Presence and Involvement - 10%

All learners are expected to attend ALL guide sessions and participate definitely during article sessions. Approach valid excuses for lacking tutorials. You should be present in course to individually hand in your own personal assignment to the tutor. You are able to only take part actively if you prepare the tutorial tasks diligently. Individuals who are naturally shy/quiet should use this as a platform to learn to overcome all their inhibitions and volunteer all their views. College students who do not participate satisfactorily in class may possibly fail or perhaps get actually zero mark just for this component. The first guide is especially important and during that class, you will be informed with regards to your individual project and you will be produced into groupings for your group assignment. Make sure you make arrangements to make sure you can be found for the first tutorial class.

2 . Subject Pool - 10%

Students taking this course must participate in studies. This necessity serves two purposes: (1) to help you gain a better knowledge of how academic research is carried out at tertiary institutions, and (2) to supply honors, masters and tragique students as well as research faculty members in Marketing with access to data to full their studies.

You should contribute a few hours of energy to fulfil this need and obtain full marks for this...


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