MJT Global: Exports and Imports

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Joshua Ateefa

MJT Global: Export products and Imports

MJT Global is actually a power residence in the exports and imports market. We've been around for 10 years today and have office buildings in 12-15 countries and over 95 different cities all over the world. Each of our focus is usually import useful locally produced goods by places like Egypt, Greece, London, and Tokyo towards the United States and export in your area made products from the Us to the world. Within the last couple of years MJT Global has been experiencing a dynamic shift in employees. Proposal Overview

MJT global has been growing fast spreading across more countries than ever before. However this has kept open slots within our training ability, especially training for fresh employees. To aid relief a few of the training burden we would like to contract another source. Because of the need in having each of our offices generate high quality operate across multiple languages; MJT Global is looking to get top-end professional trainers that can help our company within our time of progress. We would have to trainers to report to our main offices in possibly Seattle, CALIFORNIA or Fresh Orleans, LA. MJT global will be continually looking for new employees; therefore the job itself is usually ongoing. Our company is requesting that most employees have got training and pass test in:

* MS Word

* Excel

* PowerPoint.

Individuals employees that work in the billing and price range departments should be also have intensive training in:

5. MS Access.

Beneath is a break down of our project.

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Training fresh and current employees in Microsoft Business office.

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