1 . Introduction

Cargo Bank Limited. is focused on provide high quality services to its constituents through diverse financial products and profitable using fund and contribute to the growth of GDP in the country by simply financing transact and business, helping industrialization, boosting foreign trade, creating employment opportunities for the educated youngsters and encouraging micro-credit leading to poverty alleviation and improving the caliber of life from the people and thereby adding to the overall socio-economic development of the nation. 2 . Record

Mercantile Traditional bank Limited appeared as a new commercial bank to provide effective banking services and to lead socio-economic advancement the country. Your bank commenced it is operation upon June 2, 1999. Your bank provides a broad range of financial solutions to it is customers and corporate clients. The Board of Directors contains eminent personalities from the sphere of trade and industrial sectors of the country. 3. Objective of the Examine


The general objective from the study is always to draw a comparative photo of Cargo Bank Limited. SPECIFIC AIMS

The precise focuses with the study will be:

•To communicate the alterations

•To advise about the progress

•To analyze the inputs against the outputs

•To share the lesson understands

•To advise others what you did against what you organized

•Analyze the recommendations

•Risk reduction planning

•To plan accordingly intended for up-coming period

4. Method

Primary Options

Major causes of Primary details have been accumulated through talking about with my classmates, a great officer of Mercantile Bank etc . Secondary Source

Sources of supplementary information will be as follows:

Internal Resources:

Bank's Annual Report

Group Business Principal

External Sources:



4. zero Organization Overview

Mercantile Lender Limited emerged as a new commercial financial institution to provide useful banking services with a view to improving the socio-economic development of the country. The philosophy of Mercantile Lender Ltd is usually not to ‘carry coal towards the new castle'. The main focus on is to produce credits offered to the poor people and their actions are geared towards comprehensive development where people from almost all economic strata will enjoy the key benefits of better living standard, pride of labor and self worth. The Bank determined to develop a long term customer romantic relationship with its business & standard clients. As an element of this, Cargo Bank limited. is trying to expand their particular business with all the market market leaders of each sector of organization. Mercantile Bank ltd. emphasizes not only on customer satisfaction nevertheless also focuses on general banking and credit rating management system. So that customer can get better assistance from every single side of overall financial. Mercantile Lender Ltd is often ready to maintain the highest quality providers by upgrading Banking technology, well management and making use of high normal of business ethics through its established commitment and heritage which is representing alone with accurate concept because ‘Banglar Bank' 4. 1Vision

Vision would make finest company citizen.

some. 2 Quest

Mission can become most patient, focused intended for equitable expansion based on varied deployment of resources, and nevertheless might remain healthy and gainfully successful Bank. 5. 3 Goals

Strategic objectives

* To obtain positive Monetary Value Added (EVA) each year. 2. To be market leader in product advancement.

* To be among the top three Financial Institutions in Bangladesh in terms of cost effectiveness. * To become one of the top five Financial Institutions in Bangladesh with regards to market share in every significant marketplace segments we all serve. Financial objectives

* To achieve 20% return on shareholders' equity or more, usually. Core beliefs For the shoppers

Providing with caring services by being innovative in the progress new banking products and services. For the investors

Maximizing useful...

Bibliography: Twelve-monthly Report of Mercantile Bank Limited.

Interview with all the International Section officer of Mercantile Traditional bank Limited, Primary Branch.

Brochures and publications of MBL goods

Leaflets of different Bank

Managerial Finance(Besly & Brigham)

Site of Mercantile Bank Limited- www.mblbd.com


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