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Objectives in the study

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Overview of the Company


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In today's trend of cut-throat competition, Bachelor of Business Operations (BBA) is sure to have an border over all their counterparts. BBA education brings its college students in direct contact with the real corporate community through professional training. The BBA software provides its students with an in depth analyze of various bureaucratic activities which might be performed in a organization. Reveal analysis of managerial actions conducted in several departments like production, promoting, finance, recruiting, export-imports, credit rating dept., and so forth gives the pupil a conceptual idea of what they are expected to deal with, how to manage and how to get the maximum outcome through lowest inputs and the way to minimize the wastage of resources. I possess undergone my own summer schooling at Tommy Hilfiger Firm. It is one of the leading clothing company in the world. I feel great pleasure to present this report work after my personal training for Tommy Hilfiger that developed to be golden opportunity for myself by improving my know-how by firms my theoretical knowledge with all the managerial skill and app. Simple vocabulary has been used throughout the survey. Report can be illustrated with figure, graphs and blueprints as and when needed.

Objectives of the study

To find out about how the franchise system works.

Recognition about the accounts and sales in a retail store.

To find out about the promotions created by the company.

To accomplish the SWOT analysis with the company


The Tommy Hilfiger brand was launched in 1985. Tommy is a array of clothing created to bring 'American classics having a twist' to consumers. Today, those customers represent persons from almost all races and backgrounds and is found in pretty much every region around the world. As being a truly global brand, Tommy's preferred suppliers are people who can completely appreciate every individual marketplace. Tommy is a selection of clothing designed to bring 'American classics having a twist' to consumers. You�re able to send apparel goods are identified throughout the world for his or her classic and timeless styles.

Overview of the corporation

Tommy Hilfiger Group can be described as multi-billion dollar global apparel brand As 1985, the Company's strategy continues to be to develop and a highly familiar lifestyle brand. The Company attempts to deliver excellent styling, quality and benefit to its consumers around the world. Tommy Hilfiger Group has become a 3 billion EUR globally apparel and retail organization.

Tommy Hilfiger in India

Tommy Hilfiger was bought to into India through a partnership between the Murjani group plus the Lalbhai group, which has the Arvind brand. Known as Arvind murjani brands non-public limited, the joint venture offers entered into a licensing arrangement for advertising distribution of Tommy Hilfiger apparels in India. ABM introduced Tommy Hilfiger in freestanding niche stores across the nation in spring 2004. Tommy Hilfiger responded to the range of his customers by having more variety to his clothing range and features succeeded for making clothing that numerous people delight in wearing. His fragrances had been a huge achievement as well. The product line provides expanded by including house products, eyeglasses, footwear, swimwear, jewelry, and divisions including Tommy Hilfiger Athletics. Tommy Hilfiger is known as a true American Designer.

Tommy Hilfiger in Hyderabad

Tommy Hilfiger has two Special Brand Shops (EBO) in Hyderabad found in Banjara Hills. There are two outlets in Shopper Stop which is a multi-brand outlet.

Profiles of some...

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