Governing area: Perspective from a Sc Slave Marja Santiago

History 111

06 24, 2013

Professor Gregory Shrout

The philosophical ideals embodied by Declaration of Independence announced that all men " are made equal" and so everyone experienced the same legal rights. As a previous South Carolina slave, I was therefore glad to hear this. Once in my life I was hopeful that could be after all; I possibly could still have the opportunity to be totally free. Furthermore, the Declaration of Independence stated that every person had " unalienable privileges [which included the ideal to] life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness. " All I really could think about was going out in the world, carrying out whatever I needed, seeing my relatives, and working for myself instead of others. I can finally have my own issues and be happy. As time passed simply by, my desires slowly did start to fade, I had formed not read a thing regarding my flexibility and I was certainly not cheerful. I was still trapped inside the plantations, spending so much time for the things which I could not need. I started to wonder that which was happening, the moment unexpectedly this news came in. The ideals in the Declaration of Independence did not have any legal stand on the says. The ideals of the Assertion of Freedom did not apply to the slaves; it was more like a symbol of the states' independence from Great britain. I found this quite ironic that they will write that every men are manufactured equal, the moment slavery nonetheless existed. Just how can slaves have the same rights that free person had, the moment slaves acquired already misplaced the right of liberty? It had been really hard to comprehend why the states could not help all of us, they brought up freedom and same legal rights for everyone, but it look like this could certainly not apply to the slaves. The primary similarity between philosophies inside the Articles of Confederation plus the Constitution was that both paperwork were structured on the same people. The Articles of Confederation did not mention anything about captivity. This record was primarily a guideline,...

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