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The other World Conflict broke in 1939 among Germany, Italy and Asia on the one side as well as the Great Britain, France, U. S. A. andВ Soviet Russia on the other. The Congress opposed the aggregation of Germany and Italy under Hitler and Mussolini and expressed it is support for England and her allies. In August 1940, the Viceroy Linlithgow offered the congress a proposal to set upon a representative body to draft a new constitution for India and to increase the size of the Viceroy's Executive Council. The pitch, known as the " August Offer" was refused by the our elected representatives because there was no suggestion for aВ nationalВ Government and it motivated anti-congress makes like Muslim League. After his lengthy meeting with the Viceroy for Shimla in September 1940, Gandhi was convinced that British will not modify theirВ policyВ in India. This individual decided to start off the individual detrimental disobedience Motion in October 1940 in contrast to the mass civil disobedience movement. Vinoba Bhave was chosen simply by Gandhi to offer individual Satyagraha. The aim of the movement was to put prtessure on the Uk Government to simply accept the congress proposal of Provincial National Government. Nevertheless the Muslim League opposed the Congress pitch and continued to be firm in its demand for Pakistan. The Government declined the Congress proposal. TheВ unfavourableВ war situation and international pressure had required the British to seek a great amicable pay out with India not obtain her effective support in the war. In March 1942, a quest was brought to look into the potential customers of self-Government in India. The mission was advancing by Friend Stafford Cripps, who was a memebr of Britishcabinet. Cripps spent three weeks in India and held prolonged discussions while using leaders of the Congress and tMuslim League. In his plans, brought out in the form of a draftВ declaration, Cripps recommended Dominion position for India. But his proposals are not acceptable towards the Congress and also the League. Although...


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