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Week 1 Specific Assignment Personality Reflection

Set a 700- to 1, 050-word reflective paper that addresses the subsequent questions: to How will you define individuality? o What are some important personality features that define you? o What key principles or " constructs” are accustomed to explain your personality? um Are the personality features consistent or do they will change according to the situation? u Have you at any time taken a personality test before? In the event so , that which was your reaction to the research? If not, what do you expect a suitable test to measure? o What will make a persona test reliable and valid? Consider the personality concepts you discovered this week when you write your answers. Include an intro and bottom line in your paper. Format the paper relating to APA standards.

Week 1 DQ 1

How come might comprehending the psychology of personality be a valuable device?

Week one particular DQ a couple of

What impacts your character?

Week two Individual Project Psychoanalytic Individuality Assessment Write a 1, 050- to 1, 400-word paper analyzing the components from the psychoanalytic method of personality. The paper ought to cover this areas:

u Compare and contrast the psychoanalytic theories of Freud, Jung, and Adler. What are two qualities of these theories with which you agree? Exactly what two features with which you disagree?

um Describe the stages of Freud's psychosexual development theory, and clarify characteristics of personality employing these pieces.

o Describe uses of at least three Freudian defense mechanisms with real-life cases.

Include an introduction and bottom line in your newspaper.

Format your paper in respect to APA standards.

Week a couple of DQ you

How would Freudians see the nature of personality?

Week 2 DQ 2

What do you think will be the strengths and weaknesses of trait theory? What are the strengths and weaknesses of psychoanalytic theory? With which do you consent more? How come?

Week 3 Individual Neurological and Humanistic Approaches to Character

Write a you, 050- to 1, 400-word daily news analyzing the biological and humanistic approaches to personality. Your paper should certainly cover the next areas:

to Use Maslow's hierarchy of needs to discuss the level to which development needs affect personality development.

o Illustrate biological factors that impact the formation of personality.

to Examine the partnership of biological factors to Maslow's theory of character.

o Describe the basic facets of humanistic theory that are contrapuesto with natural explanations of personality.

Contain an introduction and conclusion within your paper.

Format your newspaper according to APA criteria.

Week 3 Learning Team Group Personality Traits

Identify and have a free online examination that uses the Big Five personality elements. You may also use the one found in Chapter 8 of the text message. Ensure each team member usually takes an analysis to gain an improved understanding of her or his personality traits.

Set a 1, 050- to 1, 400-word paper describing each staff members' personality traits based on individual findings from the Big Five assessment device. Include the pursuing:

o Sum it up each crew members' results.

o Propose solutions intended for working together making use of the information from your Big Five assessments as well as the underlying principles of attribute theories.

u Include a synopsis of the dependability and quality of individuality measurements and whether each team member felt his or her examination depicted an accurate result.

Incorporate an introduction and conclusion, and cite in least two sources besides your textbook.

Format your paper in respect to APA standards.

Week 3 DQ one particular




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