Provide a 4 pages analysis while answering the following question: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Probation and Parole. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style

Provide a 4 pages analysis while answering the following question: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Probation and Parole. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. When serving the probation time, the defendant remains under constant supervision with the probation officer. The United States has significant probation stints with its justice system. With the case of probation, it allows for the released defendant to serve a sentence in the free world but under supervision.

Certain requirements go along with the probation through court orders. Some of the criteria to be released include maintenance of good behavior, undergoing counseling, steering from the use of illegal substances and alcohol, and constant reports to the governing probation officer. In essence, when granted parole and released, it means you have an out of jail ticket from the sentence in your hands.

With the case of a role, a defendant gains a second chance for freedom while reintegrating with the community. The issuance of parole falls under the statute, with the states having different provisions.

The requirements for receiving parole is by standing in front of a parole board. The luck of a defendant lies in the hands of the parole team who determine where the convicted deserves reintegration into the community. A defendant gains eligibility to stand in front of the parole board once serving a portion of their sentence in the correctional facility. The parole board reviews the behavior of the defendant while in confinement among a list of other considerations. After satisfying the parole board with good conduct, it is up to the parole board to decide whether the defendant should be released under community watch, residential facility, or technology monitoring of the defendant. There are other special terms and conditions formed by the parole board that addresses the needs of the defendant while working to reduce the risk and improve the monitoring process.

With this case bringing about a lot of debate in the country, we look at the advantages and disadvantages of probation and parole essay, which relates to the release of the defendant. There is some positive light when an offender reintegrates back with the community. The pros and cons might either be of advantage to the state or the individual. A significant advantage that relates to parole services is the reduction in terms of cost. The cost advantage is in terms of the amount incurred by the state when it comes to housing, feeding, clothing, and offering sleeping places for the offenders, which have a large budget given the long line of offenders. Apart from the advantage of reducing the cost incurred by the defendant, another advantage that comes with the parole release is with the employment opportunities.

When an offender goes through a successful probation release, they have the advantage to contribute to society by working part-time jobs during the probation period. Through the jobs available that are available to the convicted people, they can support themselves while contributing to the cost of taxes for the state. Another advantage that comes with the probation release is with the restitution. With a restitution program, it denotes that the person convicted of a felony is made by the state to contribute money and funds to the victim of the crime before incarceration. Through the restitution program, it spells that the person may gain some form of responsibility towards the crime committed. Furthermore, the community supports adds another essential ingredient in the recovery process. When receiving a probation term, the person reunites with the community and be in contact with their family and friends, unlike other moments where the person lives in prison separated from family and friends.

With an early release from prison through a probation sentence, it means that the family gets reunited with their loved one. There is a big shaft in the life of the convicted people, especially being torn apart from their family in case of fathers, mothers, children, and other close relatives. When the defendant gain parole or probation sentences, they have another chance to rethink their life while maintaining life on a straight edge and being law-abiding citizens. There is also the part of community service where a defendant gives back to the community, thus contributing to the wellbeing of the general community. Part of the parole services made available through the community includes psychological counseling, support group, financial services, social services, and other outreach programs. A number of these parole services are available while serving time. however, the attendance of these programs while in the free world increase the level of responsibility of the defendant.

Despite the glow that comes with attaining a probation sentence or parole, other cons are part of the structure. One of the major criticisms for the probation and parole structure is that the defendant does not gain relative punishment for the crimes even with supervision. With a parole sentence for the defendant, it means that the defendant will not serve any time while working in the community while under the supervision of a probation officer. There are other circumstances where a defendant gets an early release from prison because of good behavior or other related unique treatments. There can be mixed feelings, especially with the victims of the crime getting a sense that the perpetrators of the crime did not get full punishment with the supervision. Some of the downfalls that relate to the probation and parole system are with the high social cost pushed to the society and risks of recidivism. There is a risk when a defendant gets the chance to walk free in the community with chances of committing the same offenses.

Even with the instances of supervision by probation officers, it still remains a doubt whether it can change the defendant. There are circumstances where a defendant convicted of misdemeanors end up repeating the same offenses even with supervision, thus putting the community at risk of receiving harm. With the increase in social cost, it also means an increase in the risk of committing the crime. This means that there would be an addition to the cost that relates to the expenses incurred for child support, legal representation, housing expenses, and other health aids. The parole and probation organization is also discriminatory with regard to gender. Research shows the women under probation or parole have a lower rate of successful integration to the community. The research shows difficulties for women to seek child support, find employment or shelter, or find drug and substance abuse control programs. Hence, the organization is at fault for ensuring that there is equality with the system despite the gender. When it comes to men, research shows that when released from prison, they have better chances of securing and income-producing activity. They also have better chances of getting a legal employment opportunity, thus having a high chance of supporting themselves and the community. There needs to equality in the structure where even women are part of the reintegration organization with equal chances of retaining custody of their children and seeking employment opportunities in the community. For this to happen, there needs to be a shift in the parole and probation system.

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