organic chemistry lab: synthesize is anti-3-bromo-butan-2-ol

Reaction 2For this assignment, the target compound that you should synthesize is anti-3-bromo-butan-2-ol. This is astereospecific electrophilic alkene addition reaction. Examine the product to determine the location of the newfunctionality. Keep in mind the bromonium ion intermediate and the consequences of its structure. The nucleophileagain attacks in a manner that controls the stereochemistry of the product.Synthesis Procedures1. Start Virtual ChemLab and select Halohydrin Formation – 2 from the list of assignments on the whiteboard. Afterentering the synthesis laboratory, use the available reagents on the stockroom shelf, identify the appropriatestarting materials required to synthesize the target compound and add them to the round bottom flask. Now addwater (HO) as a solvent and drag the flask to the stir plate on the lab bench.2. The round bottom flask containing the starting materials should now be on the stir plate, and the contents of theflask should be visible on the chalkboard. From the group of reagents found on the lab bench, select the correctreagent to synthesize the target compound and add it to the flask on the stir plate. Now put the round bottomflask in the ice bath so the reaction mixture can be cooled.3.Start the reaction by clicking on the Stir button on the front of the stir plate. You should be able to observe thereaction mixture stirring in the flask. Monitor the progress of the reaction using TLC measurements as necessaryuntil the product has formed and the starting materials have been consumed. You can advance the laboratorytime using the clock on the wall. With the electronic lab book open (click on the lab book on the stockroomcounter), you can also save your TLC plates by clicking Save on the TLC window.1. When the reaction is complete, “work up” your reaction by first dragging and dropping the separatory funnel onthe flask and then adding HO to the funnel. Extract the organic layer in the funnel by clicking on the top layerand dragging it to the cork ring on the lab bench. Your target compound should now be in this flaskList thestarting materials 2-buteneSolvent water (H20)reagent(s) Br2products formed: anti-3-bromo-butan-2-olHow long did it take to finish the reaction? around 45 minutesWhat are the TLC values (R/) for (a) Starting Materials:(b) Products:

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