Need help with my writing homework on Teen pregnancy. Write a 750 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on Teen pregnancy. Write a 750 word paper answering; “Abortion can lead to problems later in life as after all you are tampering with your body and obstructing the natural course of happenings” (Godbole). There are many factors, which cause teen pregnancies. Some of the major factors include forced sex, unprotected sex, drug and alcohol use, dating and sexual frustration, and culture. Let us now discuss these causes in some detail in order to know their role in increasing the number of teen pregnancies all over the world. Forced Sex Rape or forced sex, is one of the main causes of teen pregnancies. The incidents of rape sometimes lead to abortions because the pregnancies that occur due to rapes are without the consent or will of the teenage girls involved in the incident. In European and American countries, people are very much aware of all issues related to teen pregnancies. Therefore, they take the decision to abort the pregnancies, which occur due to rape. Unprotected Sex Unprotected sex is another reason, which gives rise to the issue of teen pregnancy. In cases, where couples forget using pills or condoms during sex, chances of pregnancies increase. If a woman becomes pregnant due to unprotected sex, it is not ethical to terminate the pregnancy because in that case, the pregnancy occurred due to carelessness of the woman. Teen pregnancy due to unprotected sex is a very complex issue because the issue of ethical or unethical abortion stems out of it. The fetus holds the right to take birth once it starts developing inside the womb of a woman. A teen pregnancy, which occurs due to one’s own carelessness, should not result in abortion. Drug and Alcohol Use Use of alcohol and drugs also cause pregnancies in teenagers. The reason is that when a girl consumes a high amount of alcohol, she becomes intoxicated and her brain stops working properly which leads her towards intentional sex with her boyfriend. The intentional sex due to intoxication leads to unintentional pregnancies in such girls. Excessive consumption of alcohol harms the mental state of a person which leads him/her do such things, which he/she should not have done in normal state. Dating and Sexual Frustration Another cause of teen pregnancies is dating. A boy and a girl date when they start liking each other. Some couples cannot hide their sexual frustration while dating and get involved in unprotected sexual activities. Such couples are not mature enough to know the consequences of unprotected sex and perform sexual activity to fulfill their sex desires. Some of the adolescent girls perform the sexual activity by will because of love for the partner whereas in some cases, their partners force them for sex. The result of both cases for a girl is a pregnancy if no contraception measure is used during sex. Culture Culture of some countries is also a major cause of teen pregnancies. In some countries, such as, Southeast Asian countries, parents arrange marriages of their girls when they just reach the age of 14 or 15 years. For example, in Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan, it is not considered illegal or unethical to marry young girls who have just started their teen age. The ratio of teen pregnancies in such countries is very high as compared to Western parts of the world.

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