Need help with my writing homework on Crisis in the Middle East. Write a 2000 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on Crisis in the Middle East. Write a 2000 word paper answering; In particular, the changing nature of contemporary warfare has redefined military strategy and simultaneously highlighted the interrelationship of complex cultural factors that fuel instability requiring international military intervention. This in turn has propagated international debate as to the legality of such military intervention, which is further compounded by the use of private contractors and private military companies.

The focus of this paper is to undertake a critical analysis of the interrelationship between cultural issues and military intervention. To this end, this paper will provide a contextual focus on the rise of insurgency in Iraq, which has brought to the fore the debate regarding counter insurgency operations as part of military strategy and the legality of private contractors, particularly in aiding US defence efforts in Iraq.

Moreover, it is submitted as a central proposition in this paper that military intervention in Iraq whilst being justified on anti-terrorism and nuclear proliferation grounds, failed to take account of the complex cultural backdrop of Iraq. As a result, this has perpetuated instability in the region with the rise of insurgency and a refugee crisis in neighbouring areas, which in turn has placed burdens on conventional military strategy.

The aftermath of Operation Iraqi Freedom has fuelled Iraqi insurgency against the combined forces and as a result, Iraq has been the subject of numerous Crisis Group reports addressing continued violence, ethnic tension and insurgency in the aftermath of the recent US invasion ( This in turn has fuelled the need for continued military intervention and heightened the need for private military contractors. Indeed, the Crisis Group’s report on insurgency in Iraq highlighted the “need for a comprehensive political strategy in order to ensure that the new state is built on institutions that are accepted as legitimate and include groups disenfranchised by the current political configuration, ensuring stability and the rule of law, and preventing a collapse into violence following a U.S. withdrawal”.

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