Need help with my writing homework on An Approach to Recruitment and Selection. Write a 2250 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on An Approach to Recruitment and Selection. Write a 2250 word paper answering; Therefore, his belief regarding customer response and employee enthusiasm has created a considerable influence on the corporate vision of TyCoffi. Notably, the corporate vision of TyCoffi depicts that customers do not only buy a cup of coffee, but also intend on consuming memorable experiences which can be derived particularly from efficient service. Due to this reason, Mr. Mike Jones intends to provide with significant emphasise to boost the collaboration amid employees and encourage them to be more productive in their assigned work maintaining a healthy, coordinated and decentralised organisational structure. Another major facet that Mr. Mike Jones considers to be quite vital is the recruitment and selection process executed to employ competent, enthusiastic and candid employees. He wishes to expand the company with additional five coffee-houses in the Cardiff area, Penarth, Cyncoed, Cardiff Bay, Roath Park and Pontcanna for which he is willing to execute his recruitment and selection process in a structured, rational and beneficial manner. With due consideration to Mr. Mike Jones’ objective towards overall organisational growth, this report will intend to summarise a detailed approach to recruitment and selection process that can be beneficial for enhancing the relationship between employer and employee in TyCoffi. 2.0. An Approach to Recruitment and Selection The process of recruitment and selection is perceived to be quite significant for an organisation operating in the 21st century with the intention of being competent and sustainable in the highly competitive environment of the era. From a strategic point of view, an effective recruitment and selection process assists the organisation to acclimatise itself in the continuously changing business environment as well as enhances the overall organisational productivity1. Hence, it is of no doubt why managers focus with immense significance to the recruitment and selection process. As often noted by practitioners, recruitment can be referred to as the process where the employers intend to attract potential candidates from the external as well as internal (i.e. from within the organisation) business environment2. As noted by Dale (2004), “The primary purpose of recruitment and selection process is to achieve one desired end: appointing the right person to the right job”3 (pp. 1). Considering the importance of an effective recruitment and selection process in rewarding sustainable growth to an organisation, various factors can be identified that should be taken into account by recruiters while developing the process. These factors can exist both in terms of micro and macro elements in the organisational structure. The micro environmental factors can be stated as the organisational culture, structure, human resource policies and practices along with the overall organisational objective. Similarly, the macro environmental factors can be identified as the availability of potential candidates for the job offered relative to the pay scale along with the employment rules and regulations as prescribed by the regulatory bodies4. It is worth mentioning that the organisational culture followed in TyCoffi is decentralised in nature which depicts independent participation of individuals in the decision-making process.

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