Need an research paper on biography/life-history/interview. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on biography/life-history/interview. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. I have very different views from my siblings, and our morals and values might be the same, taught by our parents, but the way I carry out my actions are different from theirs, and this is how I have moulded myself into a strong person today. The social class and background (Working class) I come from definitely did affect my career decision. this is because being from a working class, my parents were not very well off and that made me realize the need to do well in life so that later I am able to support myself, my family as well as them, and even help out my siblings. I grew up listening to their views about society, but I feel like my horizons have broadened today and I’m happy that I am able to think more. Currently, I am a sales manager in an electrical company in UK, and it has been quite a journey getting where I am. This career decision was based on all the kind of jobs I have been working since the young age of fifteen and slowly by, I found myself here. Since the late 90s to today, I have witnessed a number of changes around me, and sometimes, I wonder, is it too unreal? But then, the world is evolving at a rapid rate and it is not too unbelievable to think of these things. For example, in the sphere of education, children are taught discipline in a different way than how we were taught the same during our school lives. we were subject to corporal punishment with the use of canes or slippers but today, all of this is banned. I feel that children have too many rights these days, but the problem is not that. (Archard, David William) The problem is that they are abusing these rights and misusing their freedom and all this is leading to their conduct within society. We were never so loose with our parents or teachers, but children today have too many rights in terms of education. When it comes to housing and living accommodations, I remember the stark difference that there was when I had bought my own terraced house, just for a ?100 deposit and then paid only ?5000 for it. I then sold it ?12,950 and bought the house I live in today, at a cost of ?16,995. At the age of fifteen, due to parental and societal pressure, I was made to leave school and I joined a furniture manufacturing factory where I learned how to finish off pieces of furniture. During this time, I also attended Newark Street College to learn more about manufacturing furniture. In about three years, that company wasn’t able to last so I moved on to landscape gardening. However, my boss from the furniture job recommended me for a job with another company for laying pipes and cleaning out petrol tanks that were used for refueling airplanes. I worked here for about three years again and then at the age of twenty one, I was employed at Elequip, where I worked with electrical contractors and builders till I was thirty three. I progressed from the panel side to the contracting side by the time and educated myself in the meantime with the help of corresponding courses in management and sales, which lasted for about three quarters of a year. At the age of thirty three then, I started work at Volex as a sales representative and moved through the company to the post of the regional manager.

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