Running Mind: Biggest Dread 1

Biggest Fear

Brittany Cline

Ivy Tech Community College

English 112


Biggest Fear 2


Dread is a natural part in the lifestyle of every person. There is a reason or causes of all fears, whether the dread is in-born or attained. Through the span of my life, I use taken notice of a specific fear that unnerves me, and it is the worry of being used. Biggest Fear 3

Have you ever ever strolled by yourself at nighttime into a depressed parking lot and you get the a sense of being viewed, or notice the rustling of the leaves, the whistle of the air flow, or even footsteps close behind you? When you see a 'Missing' poster anywhere, will you feel uneasy? And when you enter your inbox in your email, do you really see cycle mails regarding people becoming missing? I do all the time and i also am regularly afraid of can be lingering inside the shadows around me. Growing up also to this day I watch documentaries and movies more than young people to grown adults getting abducted because of just how vulnerable they are. There are imply and viscous people on this planet and they are happy to go to the extreme conditions to get what they want. Or perhaps in some cases, they are doing it just for fun. Recently my mom and I went to the movies to see ‘A Walk Among the Tombstones' since it had well known character in it. It was about a heroin trafficker in whose wife was abducted and murdered, and he employs a private examiner to track down the men who murdered her. This individual searches out the thugs who murdered the wife of a wealthy medicine dealer, Scudder scours New York City in search of his targets -- and the closer he gets, the more obvious it becomes they are something much more sinister than your typical kidnappers. One of the most disturbing component was that following your kidnappers had received what they wanted, they will still murdered their innocent victims. During the movie I actually felt apprehensive and queasy just because I understand that it's reasonable and that really probably...


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