п»їReflection about the course

Through this course of study, My spouse and i learned a whole lot of teaching methods and theoretical knowledge. As well, I'm as well studying the process learned how to design a complete lesson strategy contains many different educational techniques. Since this is my 1st semester began my graduate student course, prior to that I did not learn educational language course or education class competence. In class conversations, my classmates shared a whole lot of tips, and I i am very influenced. The Professor's teaching method through this kind of semester, We also skilled how the educational methods found in the class room with this system. These learning, the selection and richness of the educational methods I have a new understanding. However , simultaneously, I as well realized that my knowledge system is still incredibly imperfect and incomplete. I still need to learn more knowledge to support my own knowledge systems. Through the span of the study, motivated my solid interest in terminology education. I think the design and organization of the lesson is incredibly interesting, naturally , is still a very hard thing. Depending on a certain understanding of these knowledge and learning, I think I am more happy to spend more time thinking of how to build a teaching career. I likewise realize that good communication is a crucial way to establish a good romance between educators and college students. I will spend more inside my education encounter, enthusiasm and thinking. I really enjoy and appreciate the professor's teaching methods and thinking. I hope through my own ongoing efforts and learning, nevertheless also will to turn into a respected instructor in the future.