Elijah Overall health Center Financial Strategies

Danielle Claitt


April 13, 2013

Nancy Aurora Makalintal-Torio

School of Phoenix

The Elijah Cardiovascular Center (EHC) is a healthcare organization that specializes in cardiac treatment. The facility has equipment suitable to execute a full variety of heart services. EHC provides outpatient services for noninvasive methods as well as scientific care. Nevertheless , Elijah Center Center is definitely suffering from a severe monetary deficit which may destroy the credibility from the company. While senior monetary advisor tricks of specific measures will talk about techniques to connection a working capital shortage, examine funding options for obtaining medical tools, and assess funding options for capital expansion. Phase 1: Capital Shortage

The first technique recommended to fix the cash movement problem by EHC is to " Lessen Agency Staffing requirementws. ” According to the Revenue and Expenditure Predictions this is a respectable cost slicing measure that illustrates just how expenses will certainly reduce drastically without a fall in earnings. Also by implementing this plan EHC saves on expenses paid out to staffing requirements agencies and management charges by reducing the number of contract medical and outdoors personnel. Furthermore, the level of skills of outside firm personnel would not meet the certification of the medical center staff, which can be constantly engaged in the quality of proper care. This strategy will present a significant cost in savings for EHC because the expenditures of agreement staff is nearly double those of people who operate the hospital straight.

The second approach recommended to resolve the cash circulation problem in EHC is to " Change the Skill Mix” by employing " unlicensed aiding personnel. ” This strategy is a respectable long-term costs financial savings. According to the Earnings and Expenses Projections this recommendation could have a cost embrace the beginning; however , in the subsequent months the revenue will increase significantly. This...