Research Short on CSR

Social Responsibility Project

Sauder School of Business


Prepared For: Frederick Fajardo, PhD

Prepared By: Douglas Cheung


Date: October twenty-first, 2011

As an intern of the Sociable Responsibility Project (SRP) with the Sauder School of Business, I are writing to discuss how Molson Coors Preparing Company can easily integrate CSR strategically to create a business alliance with the NGO Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Molson Coors Brewing Company

In 2006, Molson Brewery of Canada and Coors Brewery of the United States took component in a merger to become what is now the Molson Coors Brewing Organization, the planet's fifth most significant global dealer of dark beer. According to the Molson Coors Web page, the brewery produces 16 signature styles of beer domestically and is involved in sales of imported sodas from partner companies including Heineken and Corona. Molson Coors is proud to be the true Canadian company from its sustainable techniques, heritage, and original pioneers.

Company Strategy: Public Relations

A final goal pertaining to for-profit firms is to create revenue for making profits, and Molson Coors shares this same goal. What separates Molson Coors from just any other alcohol producing company can be their marketing strategy. Recognizing that they could only be successful if their products are consumed the proper way, they smartly implemented Company Social Responsibility into their organization framework to improve Public Relations. General public Relation is very important to Molson Coors because their item, alcohol, can be not perceived by contemporary society as a secure and helpful product.

Molson Coors CSR

Molson Coors Brewing Business invests a lot of time and funds into their corporate social responsibility practices in the value string through to the end consumers. In fact , anyone observing the company internet site would be able to see the importance the business places on CSR, emphasizing ethical and responsible organization decisions. To them, Corporate and business Social Responsibility " has never been an effort or a department”, instead, it is " being a global company with distributed commitments to brewing extraordinary beers and running a business focused on respect for [their] employees, [their] communities, and [their] drinkers”. They efficiently consider and cover all prevailing aides of CSR mentioned in Michael E. Porter's Approach and Society: moral requirement, sustainability, standing, and certificate to operate. Their particular moral requirement to liable consumption and community is actually separates them from their competition and makes their very own business approach unique.

Accountable Consumption

Advertising is one of the various factors that influence consumptions attitudes and drinking actions. Alcohol companies have always been ruined for their party campaigns and sales that pinpoint young adults and teens, and promote irresponsible drinking. Molson Coors continues to be criticized intended for numerous dark beer campaigns that convey irresponsible behavior when associated with their very own beer.

* Before the combination in june 2006, Molson had a television industrial called " Friends” that portrayed bad behavior. The commercial demonstrated a well-dressed young man, possessing a Molson beer, artificial business cards pictures of orphans and puppies in his wallet, trying to win over women within a bar. Not simply did this commercial promote trickery, it absolutely was sexist as well. " A great Alcohol-industry watchdog group says the campaign is actually a deceitful guide to luring females into bed”.

* The organization held an internet contest on Facebook to market their company to college learners. It allowed students to transmit photos that show all their schools' " spirit and sociability”. Molson Coors ended their tournament early mainly because parents and faculties of schools thought that the contest promoted excessive alcohol consumption and underage having. Even though the tournament was said to be...

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