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1 . zero Introduction

" Alamak, this really is a law enforcement check lah, I drank too much this evening, I'm frightened I'll be summoned. ” In case you are not a neighborhood Malaysian you might ask what this person is trying to say but we since Malaysian comprehended what this individual meant. Did you ever hear of " Manglish”? It could be odd in front of large audiences but not to us Malaysians. According to English In Malaysia (2011, para. 2), the definition of Manglish can be, ”Manglish refers to the colloquial, informal spoken form of Malaysian English”. Manglish is very popular among Malaysian as it can be conveniently understood by simply other Malaysians. It is a extremely unique and interesting vocabulary because it has been influenced simply by languages like English, Malay, Tamil, Cantonese, Mandarin and so on. " The Malaysian Manglish is sometimes generally known as Rojak or Bahasa Rojak, but it may differ from the Rojak language by usage of English language as the camp language” (Wikipedia, n. d). Manglish in Malaysia has its phonology, grammar, vocabulary and so forth. Basically, Malaysian English is the same as British British but the American TV programmes have inspired Malaysian The english language. The composition and features of English vocabulary which has been found in Malaysia are definitely more or fewer the same as English English as a result of British colonialism. " The english language is funds, fortune” (Inoue, n. deb, p. 1). As we know The english language is the world language, so it contributes to the economics since Malaysia constantly cooperates with other countries specially in export. So Malaysians must communicate by making use of Standard English language language. In respect to Pramita Kaur Sidhu (2010, l. 1), Common English is a general term for a sort of written and spoken that is considered the version for knowledgeable people. There are plenty of differences among Malaysian British and Normal English. Common English is more grammatically right and exact compared to Manglish. The differences of Manglish or Malaysian English and Regular English are in grammar, vocabulary and also pronunciation.

2 . 0 Grammar in Malaysian English (Manglish)

Sentence structure in Malaysian English is different than Standard English. It is because of the influences of Malaysian's mother tongue (Sakiyama, in. d, pra. 2). Malaysian English usually depends on the contest of the audio. If the presenter is a Malay, the uses of words or grammar will be more to Malay terminology and the same goes to the other. Grammar in Malaysian English involves sentence structure, suffixes, perfect tight and vocabulary. 2 . 1 sentence structure

According to Prasada (2008, g. 1), a sentence must have a subject to speak about and must declare or predicate something about that subject. For example , Diandra work. The subject for the reason that sentence is definitely " Diandra” and the predicate is " run”. The subject usually comes first and accompanied by the predicate. In Manglish, " would it be? ” always use by the Malaysian as a problem. However , " it” will not refer to the topic.

2 . 2 Adjonction

" A letter or maybe a group of letters added to the conclusion of a term to make a diverse word” (Macmillan, 2007). In Standard English language, suffixes happen to be added to provide different meaning of a expression. Examples of endsilbe in Standard English are–ness, -less, -ly, -istand etc. –lah is among the suffixes that derived from Malay word. " In Malay, -lah is used to change action-word into a command word or to become softer its strengthen, particularly when usage of the action-word may seem rude (Wikipedia, and. d, g. 4). This is actually the most popular characteristic of Manglish. Relating to Wikipedia(n. d, l. 5), -lah usually employed at the end of the sentence, typically written after comma and in addition never a pause prior to it. For examples: Malaysian English| Common English

1 . Have no, lah! ( It is used with rude manner, short and negative replies )| I don't have it. | 2 . It's okay, lah. ( It is used to comfort an individual )| Really all right. | 3. They will got promote fish lah, chicken lah, beeflah. (It is used to emphasize items in a spoken list)| They...


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