UT0012 Introduction to I . t

Group Job

Max. number of members: almost eight

Deadline: 29. 08. 2013 (Kumpulan 1) and 05. 09. 2013 (Kumpulan 2)


Sabah is well known because of its picturesque and breathtaking sightseeing destinations that offer various actions for vacationers to style, ranging from weekend market, historical sites and places of interest. You, and a group of friends, are determined to visit these places. However , due to monetary constraint, your group can easily visit 1 place. In this assignment, your group is needed to produce a report that shows your decision on what place to appointments, agreed collectively by all group associates. To achieve this, you have to perform the followings:

1 ) Each member must suggest one interesting put in place Sabah, which will he/she provides visited and would love to check out it again. Thus, almost 8 (a minimum of 6) interesting places will probably be identified.

2 . Each member will have to claim and persuade the others about why they should go to a persons choice of interesting place. Besides the attractions provided, a number of elements have to be contained in the argument as follows:

a. Price.

b. Services available.

c. Transportation.

3. Comparison needs to be made to features the advantage and disadvantage of browsing identified places in (1) based on argument in (2).

4. Identify only one place of interest that everyone (or majority) inside the group features agreed to trips.

All of the previously mentioned has to be shown in the form of survey with the following details:

1 . The survey must is composed at least four parts:

a. Introduction: What the report is about.

n. Description of places of interest: Illustrate each spots suggested by members.

c. Comparison and analysis: Compare the recommended places of interest (please use desk to highlight the advantage and disadvantage). Example is definitely shown in Appendix A.

d. Summary: The...


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