п»їName __ Charge Motion

Head to http://phet.colorado.edu/simulations/sims.php?sim=Projectile_Motion and click on Manage Now.

Pre Lab Reflections:

What are the

What forces have reached play on a body under fall? Gravity plays a part in push on the weight of your body system. Make a prediction of which angle results in maximum selection. I predict that the 45 degrees will mean max range.


Open the sim, projectile motion.

Become acquainted with the factors shown generally there.

Ensure air resistance checkbox remains unchecked.

Using the mouse set the angle of projection(i) to 5 deg.

Otherwise enter the worth in straight.

Set the first speed to a value U=15m/s.

Click on Fire to start the projectile and record the corresponding value with the range Ur. Repeat with values

i= 15, 15, twenty, 25, 40, 35, forty five, 45, 50, 60, 75, 75, 80, 85.

Bring a graph of Range (R) against Angle of projection (i)

You may want the lay out appearing like in the table.


Angle (i)


a few

9. six


12. 2


14. 9


17. 5


21. almost 8


23. 2

forty five


forty five

24. you


23. 6

fifty five

22. 5


twenty. 6


18. 1


12-15. 2


11. almost eight


8. 1

eighty five

4. you

From your chart,

Describe the shape of the chart obtained. Comment.

In a corsa -unimodal, bell-shaped distribution

Determine making use of the graph the angle intended for maximum selection.

Looking at the graph it is 45 degrees

Post activity discussion:

Explain so why there were variations between forecasted and experimental value of range. What were the variables? How could variables always be controlled? What conditions will optimize experimental values? How do experiment become improved? That which ways could projectile movement be tested?

I actually experienced the same worth for predicted and trial and error range since I thought about was about We the middle think it was the longest selection. The parameters are position, mass, and diameter. You may control the initial speed, mass, and size. The condition required for optimize fresh...


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