Reason of Consequence 1 Justification of Treatment Sociology 120 Derek Goodson April several, 2009 Justification of Consequence 2 You will find four different types of punishment which were put in place through the years in order to prevent crime in society; these types of four types are retribution, deterrence, rehabilitation, and societal protection. These four different types of punishment include raised a large number of questions in today's society. The changes in today's culture have brought into question the effectiveness of each one of these types of consequence and if they are effective in the way that they were initially put into place for. We all will take a look at each type of punishment in order to see what type is the most successful in deterring crime in today's society. We will also make use of this chance to choose if these types of punishments actually provide any benefits to either the criminals they are put in place pertaining to or for society which these punishments are applied to protect. The first justificationof punishment that individuals will discuss is that of retribution. Retribution is definitely the moral vengeance to satisfy a society's need of an culprit to suffer as much battling as they have got caused. Retribution is the oldest type of treatment that has been employed in society. Retribution dates back to the beginning of punishment in modern society. Retribution was designed to give society meaningful closer for a person's activities. Ultimately, retribution is the best justification of punishment for the old saying in the holy bible " eyesight for a great eye and tooth for a tooth”. The 2nd justification of punishment can be deterrence. Deterrence is an effort to discourage the take action of offense by the use of punishment. Deterrence is a form of treatment that uses examples of several punishments which were used in yesteryear in order to keep an individual from committing a lawbreaker act. This kind of justification is based on the fact that whenever someone perceives what could affect them if they commit a crime it can easily keep...


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