Science versus Religion

Inherit the wind is the video about the Scopes trial which happened in 1925 in Dayton, Tennessee. The Scopes trial was between Christian opinion of creation and Darwin's theory of evolution. A college teacher known as Bertram Cates was busted from the senior high school where he was teaching the Darwin's theory of advancement. This was because at that time of period it absolutely was against the law to teach about individual creation until it was from your Bible. The movie shows the way the arrest of Cates was gaining interest throughout the nation and wide range of people were having hurt by fact yet one gentleman who was troubled the most was Matthew Harrison Brady. Matthew Brady was devout Christian and a politician who have ran pertaining to presidency 2 times. He was and so troubled that he made a decision to prosecute the truth himself. He was welcomed by people of the area with 03 and music group and by lots of people demonstrating their support to him. This is interesting because second option in the movie the same individuals were not happy to listen to him. He made a speech after arriving for the town and told the people that he will bring Cates to justice. During the same gathering the reporter Electronic. K. Hornbeck that his newspaper was providing Cates a lawyer known as Henry Drummond who was close friend of Matthew Brady. Drummond arrives in very simpler way in the bus and welcomed by only one person who is Hornbeck. The movie has its own interesting moments like the moment Drummond was sitting for the porch Brady went to him to talk and after that Drummond informed the story regarding the rocking horse, the golden dancer, that this individual wanted so bad when he was little kid but his parents didn't want to afford this at that time yet after investing in some time he got that horse since present intended for his birthday but it shattered the first time Drummond tried to ride it. Drummond is contrasting the kid with the people of Hillsboro who want something so bad but what if perhaps everything broke. In the...


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