Review Questions

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Answer the following queries:

1) Why is it best to never enter a percentage (%) finalization?

Because using the percentage at competition is very very subjective. Great proper care has to be taken up ensure that everybody involved in the project understands what the percentages indicate before using them.

2) According to your Project Brief summary, is this task on schedule? Considering over or perhaps under budget and by just how much?

According to the Project summary, this kind of project happens to be on schedule. The project summary is currently indicating that the task is coming in under price range by $1, 720. 00.

3) After printing out the Gained Value record, define (you may use MS Project help) the following terms and write in the Total Values of each from your Gained Value Statement (Make sure your current day is correctly set to 11/14/2011).

PV: this can be the amount of budget organized to be put in during a offered period of time sama dengan $22, 919. 23

EV: this is a value indicating how much of a budgeted cost should have been spent given the quantity of work truly completed sama dengan $7, one hundred twenty. 19

AIR CONDITIONING UNIT: this is the sum of money actually invested in the completed work = $6, 783. 85

SV: this difference is used to calculate how much a project is finished or under budget sama dengan -$15, 799. 04

CV: this variance is used to ascertain if a job is ahead or perhaps behind schedule = $336. 35

EAC: the expected total cost required to complete complete function = $34, 489. 68

BAC: this really is total expense of the project at achievement = $36, 199. 69

VAC: variance of total cost of the work and expected price = $1, 710. 01

Turn in this sheet with your MS Job file to the Week six iLab Dropbox.