I need some assistance with these assignment. marketing communications Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. marketing communications Thank you in advance for the help! In this interactive world scenario, people are informed and vigilant towards other people around them. Self-identities and cultural traditions are so intermingled nowadays that one sees no alterations in this homogenous consumer world. No matter how much one try to remain isolated and strive to retain his true, selfless identity, in the end one fall the victim of the changing needs and demands of the time. One such influence over our lives is of advertisements.

In this research report, apart from gathering secondary sources, I have tried to use some consumer insights and observations from everyday life situations. Marketing and advertising is a very vast field of science, dealing with human psychology and profit maximization. From product design to product sales, companies keep in mind their consumers’ needs and wants, so that their efforts generate profitable fruits at the end and this has leads to the very complex possibilities of fraudulent practices. My research includes thorough analysis of consumers’ purchase decisions and their perspective for few of the most used brands, including that of soft drinks, food chains and everyday children products. In order to specifically proof my point of view that advertisements really mould consumer mindset via false claims and inefficient marketing practices, I have tried to gather examples from every walk of lives that may influence the over all market segment and general practice of the companies.

While interviewing the consumers, I have realized the fact that if people are told that advertisements often are untrue and misleading, they would first accept that they know the deceptive nature of advertisements. However, talking generally about their most used products amongst the categories defined earlier. they unconsciously agree that they have selected or purchased a particular product because they have seen their ads and liked it very much.

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