I need some assistance with these assignment. implementation, strategic controls Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. implementation, strategic controls Thank you in advance for the help! The physical institution competitors are increasing each and every day. The numbers of these institutions are cropping up at the dawn of each day. As much as the increasing population provides high demand, dealing with very many competitors may make it difficult to achieve entrepreneurial goals. It is due to this reason I choose to venture into the education sector but in a different venture. The business venture is the Online State of the Art Educational Portal.

The venture can also be referred to in the personal state of the art educational portal. With parents with a thirst for interactive education for their children, this venture aims to prove a quench of that. This approach is unique and provides the best quality form of education. To add to its advantages, the approach involves the integration of parents who outline the weaknesses and strengths of a child. Additionally, the approach a rectangular circulation and interaction of tasks. It provides a child-parent-teacher interaction basis. This mode of interaction lacks in most educational systems. With current trends taking over in society, parents need to be part and parcel of their children grow and this approach provides the best medium of interaction.

The implementation of this approach however must come with its shortcomings. It is this logic assumes that makes it possible to have a business environmental analysis. Both the internal and external environmental factors can affect this venture. With the environmental analysis, there is a clear picture of shortcomings and the possible ways to dealing with them (De Wit, 2003). Apart from the external environmental analysis, there is the need for a SWOT analysis. The SWOT analysis provides the entrepreneur with a picture of their strength and weaknesses. It is satisfied by one maximizing on their strengths and avoiding and dealing with their weaknesses. Additionally, the analysis tends to provide a warning to an organization on which parts to cushion to prevent heavy losses caused by misfortunes.

External environmental factors are factors that are not in the capacity of the institution to deal with. However, they must be considered since they affect the operations of the institutions. They include government policies, cultural factors, political influence and competitors.

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