I need some assistance with these assignment. education in charter schools Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. education in charter schools Thank you in advance for the help!

The difference between charter schools and other public schools is that families choose them for their children because they have desired qualities and environment that must exhibit. Moreover, they operate on specific freedoms that are not in the other district public schools hence making them favorable and lenient to the children Chance, L. M. S. A. A., & Lewis, W. (2013) these schools must demonstrate exquisite performance in matters relating to academics prowess, transparent management of finances and effective organizational stability.

However, the failure of a charter school to meet the organization may lead to the closure of such a school.Chance & Lewis (2013) Affirms that the underrepresented students in charter schools tend to succeed in education and extracurricular activities compared to other students in the district schools. The essay seeks to illustrate why the underrepresented students perform better compared to others in the district schools. First, the general model of the school provides an enabling atmosphere where all people can learn and integrate the relevant skills learned in the realm of academics.

CREDO study indicates the success of these students emanates from school quality features such as teacher quality, lengths of the day among other factors that concentrate on the non-low-income, non-disabled females in the charter schools (Mayr, 2008).The school exhibits controllable effects such as peer group, physical education that contributes heavily towards making an individual full member of the community. In other words, the schools have an adequate atmosphere that will provide an avenue for students to succeed by the end of the day.

The students have a hardworking spirit. Coupling the handwork and effort from students makes it possible for students to excel and eventually perform distinctively from other students in society. The administration has set principles in terms of creating and maintaining motivation amongst students. Awards and prizes follow those students who perform remarkably right from the lowest grade.The awards act as motivation agents, and it has played a crucial role in ensuring that students have achieved the best in life.

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