I need some assistance with these assignment. bigfoot stole my wife: interpreting of satirical means and critical humor of the novel Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. bigfoot stole my wife: interpreting of satirical means and critical humor of the novel Thank you in advance for the help! Primarily, James H. Pickering paints satire as writing that presents people’s ideas in the form of pleasure, scorn or mockery. Satire is mainly used to enhance, rectify, or bring out specific desirable changes. In the subplot of the story, the aspect is also directly aimed at those living in low-life neighborhoods.

Additionally, he supports his wife’s story with a different and unrelated one, saying that floods swept way his trailer. Generally, the entire story interprets multiple instances where exaggerated satire has been used. Even better, the criticism of uneducated people gives the thing a more humorous and intriguing tone. That said, below is more insight into Bigfoot stole my wife: Interpreting of satirical means and critical humor of the novel:

The Character Made Up a Fictional Experience to Escape Guilt

Primarily, the subplot illustrates the use of fiction to emphasize the central theme of the story. It accurately illustrates the life of the primary figure- Rick. On top of being uneducated, the character has made a trailer his home, out of poverty. In his lack, he suffers from a gambling problem. He has a gorgeous spouse whom he can’t make happy because of his behavioral habit. His poor practice is painted out when one day, his spouse would not find him home when she returns. Ideally, one would think that the statement is a usual thing that features in a relationship. According to him, people who are in a courtship say that. While the case is not valid, he does not want to embrace the truth of not making his spouse happy.

Moreover, Rick’s character does not want to acknowledge that he ignores his wife. He prefers to attend to other things that don’t matter and wouldn’t own up to the fact that he is not good enough. When his spouse finally leaves him, he finds a character to bear the blame for him. Well, he puts it that Bigfoot wouldn’t conflict with him or correct his life mistakes since he is fictional.

The character’s belief in the existence of Bigfoot brings more humor into the story. His belief on Bigfoot relates him to other people who have firm ideas in theories of conspiracy. Rick’s character also relates to illiterate or uneducated people and those that choose to be arrogant. For the truth of the matter, people who are really knowledgeable can establish true information and distinguish it from a conspiracy.&nbsp.

He Uses Bigfoot to Justify the Actions of His Wife

In essence, men tend to feel ashamed when a woman walks out of their lives. Many at times, most men would rather say that they walked out on a woman rather than the other way around. As such, an attitude of denial was expected of the character. Well, perhaps he did not want people to see him as the loser who got dumped by his wife. For this reason, he drafted an excuse that would save him from falling on the humiliation ends. He wouldn’t have to explain to his friends and family members that his wife walked away. For this reason, he made up the story of Bigfoot stealing her. For him, making something up to cover his faults was the best way to deal with the sad reality of being left alone.

The Character Believes His Lies

After making up the fake story of Bigfoot stealing his spouse, the character abandons the story and takes on another one. He transitions into another intriguing story, where his trailer is washed away with floods over thirty miles while he is inside. At this point, one would probably ask, “Why doesn’t follow his wife? Did he ask around in the neighborhood to establish what happened?” Well, he leaves his wife’s story incomplete. &nbsp.Ideally, someone who is distressed would go the extra mile to find how the wife went missing. Towards the end of his trailer story, he alters his attention to something else. The character is really good at lying. As dumb as he is painted, he is so good at lying that he even believes every single thing in his lies.

Rick’s Exaggeration to the Trailer” Story

Other than satire, his character in the “trailer tale” also alleviates the aspect of humor in people. The satirical element is directed mainly to those living in trailers or poor neighborhoods. When he tells the flood experience that he went through, he ridicules it. He does that in an attempt to make his story more intense and intriguing, yet it isn’t a big deal. The character believes that, at some point, he doesn’t stop to think if it makes sense to his audience. Subsequently, the story ends up being funny because he put on a really serious face while telling it. At the same time, the subplot made him look like a foolish man.

A Tone of Victimizing Himself in the Play

A good sense of theatrical satire is when he opts to make himself the victim throughout the entire story. While he struggles to put himself on the right side, his actions probe the audience to be displeased by him more. Well, perhaps he would have a good life if he was educated, intelligent, and wiser than dumb. It really gets more melodramatic when he says that when he closes his refrigerator, he feels like a part of his life was closed. Ideally, his statement presents him as a character who was ready for change, which wasn’t right.

The Bottom Line

The subplot is an excellent demonstration of individuals who are good at lying, to a point where they see the truth in everything. In essence, the piece is an acceptable form of entertainment since the lies make the entire subplot really intriguing and exciting to read. Analysts who have criticized the book bring in the fact that the plot of the story is really credible. credible enough to make someone lose a sense of belief in a thing. Interestingly, the main character’s lies don’t close the readers’ eyes to his bad gambling habit. While the book may depict that having a strong belief may seem like a joke, it really has some sense of truth in it.


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